How to play Weekend Predictor

All you have to do is predict one result every weekend from the English, Scottish, Spanish, Italian, German or French football fixture list.

Weekend Predictor is a prediction league with a difference. You are put in a league with a number of other competitors and each week you will predict one result (i.e. Chelsea to win, Chelsea / Man City draw, Man City win).

We will keep track of your individual performance; you will be able to see your win percentage (in comparison to other players) and your cash position (which will form the basis of your league position).

The football season is divided up into 4 mini-seasons of 10 weeks. At the end of each mini-season the leagues will have promotion and relegation.

You can join mini-leagues to compare your performance with your friends and even opt-out of the main league structure to form your own league with no promotion or relegation.

You can register here to join the game. The sooner you register the higher your initial starting position will be. If you join the game while a mini-season is in progress you will join a holding league and your performance in this will dictate your starting position for the next mini-season.

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