This is the results of the last three predictions.
Here's the current form up to week 7.

The Pele League

 PlayerWeek 5Week 6Week 7Total
1Malcolm Gibson2.50-1.001.503.00
3Ayako Ono0.492.75-1.002.24
4Nigel Howlett1.020.420.622.06
5Nick Lines0.760.22-1.00-0.02
6Jim Craik 0.35-1.000.40-0.25
7Sohail Virdi1.50-1.00-1.00-0.50
8Trevor Gibbons0.65-1.00-1.00-1.35
9Steph Cook-1.000.53-1.00-1.47
10Peter Cornwell-1.00-1.00-1.00-3.00


The Maradona League

 PlayerWeek 5Week 6Week 7Total
1Mono Guerillo-
2David Rosser1.15-1.000.620.77
3Chris Cann1.50-1.00-1.00-0.50
5Joe Mcginley-1.00-1.00-1.00-3.00
6Ian Booth-1.00-1.00-1.00-3.00
7James Holland-1.00-1.00-1.00-3.00
8Robert Paton-1.00-1.00-1.00-3.00
9Dickson Pato-1.00-1.00-1.00-3.00
10Paul Brickell-1.00-1.00-1.00-3.00


The Kenny Dalglish League

 PlayerWeek 5Week 6Week 7Total
1Jonathan McCready2.50-1.000.331.83
2Matt Billing-
3David S Harding0.35-1.000.12-0.53
4Didier Segovia-1.00-1.000.45-1.55
6Chris Tustian-1.00-1.00-1.00-3.00
7Craig Lowe-1.00-1.00-1.00-3.00
9chrissy blackers-1.00-1.00-1.00-3.00
10chris blackley-1.00-1.00-1.00-3.00


The Alan Shearer League

 PlayerWeek 5Week 6Week 7Total
1James Delahunt0.656.400.727.77
2Ben Drury1.451.262.104.81
3David Lloyd2.20-
4Tony Southworth-1.002.750.452.20
5Steve Tester-1.002.03-1.000.03
6Gareth Hedges-1.00-1.000.65-1.35
7Darryn Cook-1.000.53-1.00-1.47
8alan blackley-1.00-1.00-1.00-3.00
9The Binman-1.00-1.00-1.00-3.00
10James Glass-1.00-1.00-1.00-3.00
11Mark Harding -1.00-1.00-1.00-3.00
12McLean Jim-1.00-1.00-1.00-3.00
13Matthew Gibbons-1.00-1.00-1.00-3.00


The Gary Lineker League

There are currently no players in this league.


The Paul Gascoigne League

There are currently no players in this league.


The Jason ‘pineapple’ Lee League

There are currently no players in this league.


Ali Dia League

There are currently no players in this league.


The Dean Holdsworth League

 PlayerWeek 5Week 6Week 7Total
2Ibrahim shamsudeen aremu0.


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