Season 13 - Week 6

Jeez it is tighter than a fat girls g-string at the top of the league, with Dunk remaining on top, despite picking a loser (albeit denied by Doncaster's late equaliser against Ipswich).  Ricky Jones springs into second with a solid pick of the MK Dons away.  Another loss for Heseltine drops him to third with Elder picking safe and solid to go into 4th.  But with the double Pele winner Lines (N) only £2.02 behind in 17th, there are numerous people still in with a shout, including four ex-overall winners (Smith, Heseltine, Rosser and Simms). 

With a remarkable 52 people in positive figures, this is one of the strangest seasons of all time, as we normally have at least one player on £6-7+ and many more people in negative figures.  Some things never change though and there are always a handful of people without a winner around this time, and Bradbury, Andrew Jones and Crunkhorn have not let us down.  We thank you, for making the rest of us feel that little bit better!

The Pele League is as tight as the overall league, with 1st to 7th all in the 1.45-2.97 range (i.e. within a win of the top spot).  Smith currently leads the way looking for his second  title, but with Rosser picking one of his legendary away winners he is now hotly pursued by Rosser and Lines (T).  The greater freckled Lines brother was one of a few to pick the MK Dons away win and rises to 4th.  Defending champion Ben Gould finally finds some form, his away pick of West Brom thoroghly and utterly vindicated.   You have to feel for Shakespeare and Gibbons (T) who are cut adrift at the bottom, despite having far from appalling seasons..... Cornwall though has just been rubbish and needs a miracle (having also been let down by Ipswich's late sloppiness).

Picks of the week

David Lloyd and Pete Cornwell share the pick of the week, both of them spotting Blackpool's potential to beat Forest at a massive 4.20.  This slightly overshadowed an impressive Matt Wickham pick, which in most other weeks would have been enough for pick of the week, his Aldershot away win pick (at Crewe) was inspired!  Simon Callan picked the Bolton Stoke draw to rise to the top of the Lineker league and we have already mentioned Gould's inspired Baggies away win.

Flops of the week

Okay we don't often do this, but worth mentioning Tim Hughes, whose pick lost 5-0 at home, way to be a loser.

Focus on..... Julia Ingham

Julia entered the league in Season 5 in the fourth flight, since then she has steadily accumulated enough points to rise the league and surpass her (then) high performing husband.  But with Richard Ingham plumetting rapidly (6 consecutive negative seasons!), Julia has been going the other way.  Sure she lacks the pidazzle of her other half and her PB season of £3.40 is well short of her hubbies £8.60, but as she sits in a strong position to rise into the top flight Richard Ingham looks in danger of dropping into the 7th tier of predicting. 

Julia's picking style is.... eclectic mixing up picks from the Bundesliga, international games and the Premiership with a bent towards away teams in the top flight.  Her biggest successes this season have been backing Tottenham's good start early on and then backing it to end when Man U travelled to White Hart Lane.  She is destined to be the first lady in the top flight.... unless I have just jinked her that is!


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