Season 13 - Week 5

It's all change at the top again as Dunk was one of three players to spot the 2.25 away winner of Villa at Birmingham.   This allowed him to capitalise on Hatchard's failure and rise to the top, hotly pursued by the resurgent Heseltine who bounces back from last week's loss with a 2.25 winner of his own (Man U).  These winners, combined with losses for Hatchard and the other close challengers have allowed Dunk and Heseltine to open up a bit of a lead at the top, but with 15 players above +£2, and 45 player in positive figures, it is still a long way from a two horse race.

At the other end Andrew Jones, Paul Crunkhorn and Lisa Bradbury have all failed to pick a winner, which is a bit pathetic really, and although all their picks this week were plausible, there is still time for them to "bank" their way out of trouble.  It's time to get a score on the Board chaps and chapesses.

Boy oh boy, what a tight Pele league, with the top 3 separated by a mere 42p following Smith's loss of his 100% record (although Arsenal could well have come good at 1-1, it was always a risky pick with Man City in rampant form..... does anyone dare back them this weekend at Old Trafford?).  His loss has allowed the safe picking Booth and Lines (T) to overtake him, but with a cluster of ex-champions all within £3.28 ranging down to Gould in 8th, picking a winner is as challenging as..... well picking a winner in this I suppose for us mere mortals in the lower leagues.

And in fact the Pele league does compare well to the other leagues, with the £4.58 profit only 23p behind the best performing league (Dickov).  The worst league, by a country mile (£7.71 behind the Devine league) is the Lee League.  Overall we are £4.53 down which works out as a loss of about 0.8%, perfectly acceptable against the normal bookies margin.  So well done overall, but shame on you Lee League, you are letting the side down!

Picks of the week

Ricky Jones and Chrissy Blackers share the top picks of the week, both picking that Reading and Doncaster would draw at 3.30, well done, special mention to Craig the Sheepdip, the only other player to break the 3.00 mark, with an excellent Sheff Wed and Forest draw.

Focus on..... Robert Heseltine

A relative newcomer to Weekend Predicting Robert joined in Season 9, a relatively inauspicious start (1.25 gain) did not foretell some of the epic picking that was to come.  Season 10 Robert made everyone sit up and take notice with bold picks coming in week after week, he is one of the few players to have broken to £10+ season, with his £11.50 ranking 3rd in the all-time highest score league (Tony add the all-time records it to the hall of fame please!).  He had an brutal battle with Paul Crunkhorn in that season, as they both dominated the 5th flight, leaving the others to battle for scraps (Paul ended with an impressive £7+ season which was somewhat cast into the shadows).  Season 11 was a little bit "after the Lord Mayor's show", but Season 12 began to rebuild his reputation and coming into this season he sat 4th in the all time league, only behind the legends that are Rosser, Shakespeare, and the more consistent Crunkhorn.  Whereas this season Crunkhorn has gone to pot, Heseltine marches on and looks a shoe in for further promotion and a genuine contender for his second overall title.  Heseltine is one to watch and potentially a  future Pele picker.



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