Season 13 - Week 4

Well Heseltine's lead at the top was short and not that sweet, as his catastrophic backing of Notts County to beat Burton let him down, this has allowed David Hatchard (with his second successful Hartlepool pick in three weeks) to take the lead.  He is the only player to be averaging the £1 a week gain required to reach the magical £10 season mark.  He is closely followed though by Dunk, Elder, Smith and Heseltine who are all within £1 of the redoubtable away picking leader.

Of the chasing pack Smith, Dunk and Elder have yet to pick a loser, going for consistency over big points, both strategies can work well, but the "winner every week" is probably the slightly harder to achieve on a consistent basis, as it has less margin for error.

Smith sits proudly atop the Pele league, looking to join Lines (N), Rosser and Shakespeare as one of the elite few to have won two Pele titles.   All of those three are in the chasing pack and largely within striking distance, although Booth and Lines (T) are closer.

Nick Kelly who has apparently "only been relegated once", proudly sits in.... the relegation zone, what's the phrase I am looking for something to do with pride and fall?  Last year's Pele league winner also sits in the relegation zone along with Cornwall, who is bouncy in more than one way.

Picks of the Week

David Hatchard's Hartlepool pick was the biggest winner (4.33), but four other people successfully breached the 3.00 mark.  Craig Storey was justly rewarded for his bravery in picking the Nottingham County / Burton draw, and Craig the Sheepdip's Bradford away win was also impressive.  Emma Sht Box also picked a draw (Southampton / Colchester) and Joel Wrigley completes the 3.00+ club with an International draw (Denmark / Portugal).  Impressive picking all around.

Focus on.... Grant Elder

The shouty Scot, who apparently always has a broken Caps Lock key, is especially vocal on the forum.... but is he any good?  Sort of, is the honest answer.  An impressive double positive season start laid the foundations for a move up the leagues, but two negative seasons following that stalled his progressive.  Currently residing at the top of the Dickov (5th) league he is hoping that the new pyramid system will give him a short cut to the top.

His picking strategy appears to have evolved from anything in Scotland to... anything, with two picks in the Premiership, one is Scotland and one international (albeit backing Scotland).   A potential future top flight predictor, and ever vocal he eloquently said "I CANNAE UNNERSTAN YE, YE WAE DAFT FANNY, OOP THE SCOTS, I'M TOP O MA LEAGUE AN YIR'LL CANNAE DEE NOTHIN ABOOT IT" when asked for his opinion on how the season was going.


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