Season 13 - Week 3

Bish bash bosh, Robert Heseltine pulls a big winner out of the bag to pull £1.24 clear of the rest of you muppets (okay and £7.30 clear of me), Reading were of course nailed on to go away to Oakwell and comprehensively outplay Barnsley, well done for the smart spot.  Jimmy Smith continues his fine season with a third consecutive winner, and heads the chasing pack.  With Dunk, Lines (T) and Elder all with a 100% record and clear of £2 the pressure remains on the Heseltine, but the renowned leader already has a £10+ season under his belt and he is one of the players you don't want to give too much of a lead to.....

I am joined by 8 other players who have yet to be able to find a winner at the other end of the table grrrrr.

Smith and Lines (T) have now opened up a lead at the top of the Pele league and these two formidable players (the former has a PB of £11.55 and the latter has never been relegated from the top flight) will take some catching.  With a paucity of poor players in the top flight now that the flotsam and jetsam has been jettisoned, Gould, Gibbons (T) and Cornwall are finding that their mediocre form may well find them relegated without immediate remedial action..... talking of remedial the Maradona league is shaping up to be somewhat less competitive, with half the league in negative figures.  This has allowed Dunk to open up a substantial league and have a genuine chance ofa return to the top flight.  Jake Jones and Julia Ingham also have a good chance of entering the top flight for the first time.  The latter will be the first lady to enter the top flight, and will be rightfully lauded.

I hope none of you lumped the mortgage on the combined picks, as suggested last week, we lost a depressing £18+ last week, thus proving the first two weeks were an utter fluke.  This is perhaps best demonstrated in a lack of big price winners to date this season, normally by now someone has hit a 5.00+, the biggest winner was David Hatchard's 3.75 last week.  This week Ricky Jones has the best winner at 3.30 for Doncaster to beat Cardiff.  Robert Heseltine's aforementioned winner and Pete Cornwell's QPR away win were both at 2.60, but other than that nothing of note I'm afraid.

Oh well, onwards and upwards and here is to something exciting to write about next week!

Focus on:

Ben Drury:  Ben has the record of the greatest pick in history, a memorable 17.00 for Hull to beat Arsenal, but other than this, this perennial loser has little to celebrate.  Apparently he has an intimate knowledge of French teams, but he has abandoned that this season, for two bankers and a foolish backing of Ipswich.  Situated 76th in the all-time league, he has only had two positive seasons and is off the back of three -£5 and worse seasons, leaving him marrooned in the relegation spots of the Ali Dia league.  Watch out for his picks and avoid them like the plague.



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