Season 13 - Week 2

With no runaway leaders and outlandish picks in the first two weeks, we have an incredibly tight Weekend Predictor season to date. Robert Heseltine is the current leader, with an admirable (if not awe inspiring) £2.70 return from his first two weeks.  This has given him a marginal lead over Tim Lines in second (£2.20), but with a veritable pack of pickers within one pound of Heseltine the eventual winner will be hard to call.

Tim Lines heads up the Pele League, but with the top 5 all within a £1 and 4 previous winners chasing hard it will be a long battle to win the top flight title this year.

There were 3 outstanding picks this week of 3.00+, David Hatchard led the way picking the Monkey Hangers (Hartlepool) to overturn Gillingham away.  Stelling was not the only one celebrating a Hartlepool victory this week.  Richard Ingham, who specialises in the longer odds, picked the Watford draw and Moss also picked a draw in the Birmingham v Stoke game (presumably banking on two boring teams cancelling each other out).

There remain 13 unlucky losers to have not yet picked a winner, what a bunch of losers.... oh bugger it includes me..... they have obviously been robbed by unworthy winners and dodgy refs.

The promoted teams often offer tremendous value, and there will probably be some people having a punt on Burnley this weekend.  This is a strategy that can work wonders, and David Pilkington once one the overall league by capitalising on the bookies reticence to mark down Readings odds despite their debut season form.  Personally I won't be backing them, but doubtless Tony (a massive Burnley fan I think) will be going "all in"

Overall an impressive start for punters, we are £5.80 up overall and £4.22 this week, so maybe in these tough economic times it is the moment to take out your savings (earning a piddly 0.5% in the bank) and backing all the bets placed here.... I mean I wouldn't do it, but it would have gained you an average of 3% per week so far (investments can go up and down and if you lose money it is all you fault, don't sue us, please).

Anyway must dash I'm interviewing today (first question is do you fancy Newcastle to continue their run?)!


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