Season 12 - Week 7

James Delahunt continues to set the pace at the top, despite a loss, his lead over Ben Gould, who also picked a solid home winner, cut to just £1.85.  Paul Shakespeare was one of three to spot the huge value in Roy Keane's Ipswich (5.50!) and leaps into 3rd following Crunkhorn and Conduit's losses.  Smith's defence of his title sparks into life with a surprising trip across the channel to pick Marseille.

Ross Jones still hasn't picked a winner.  What a loser, a fall from grace for the Season 4 overall champion.

The top league is hotting up with two previous winners, Shakespeare and Smith, cranking up the pressure on Gould, who was heard to mutter that he would love it, absolutely love it if Lille could beat Marseille.  With three players above £4 the top league might even be won with a good score this year.

Lines (T), Dunk and Lloyd look in a world of trouble, but Gurd remains in shooting distance, and one of them might well yet escape, but they can't afford another slip unless they want to enter the last week needing a minor miracle.

Picks of the week

Shakespeare, Gibbons (T) and Lewis (G) all spotted the massive value in the "new manager factor" with Keane taking over at Ipswich, all netting a big 4.50 profit.  Gary White remarkably picked Man City's first away win since their wage bill has less than 12 figures, and was suitably rewarded with a 3.75 gain.  Blackers, Ball and Heseltine all spotted Leeds 3.10 odds away at Hartlepool.  No-one else exceeded odds of 3.

Where are they all now?

A brief synospis of where the top league winners are now.

Matt Gibbons (Season 1) - Struggling in the relegation zone in the Maradona league, never really recaptured his form, bounced from Pele to Maradona three times.

Nick Lines (Seasons 2&4) - Resurgent at the top of the Maradona league after a brief sojourn in the third tier.

Tony Southworth (Season 3) - Back into the Lineker League after a brief visit to Dickov land, but threatened with relegation again, may never see the top flight again.

Nick Kelly (Season 5) - A genius in his time, he is currently in line for promotion back to the top flight.

David Rosser (Seasons 6 & 11) - A legend in predicting fields, well up over time and vaguely in the hunt for his third title, in 4th in the top flight

Simon Gurd (Season 7) - A remarkable rise up the leagues was capped with a Pele title, but has since struggled to maintain his form, always dangerous though with his latent ability to spot a big away winner.

Paul Shakespeare (Seasons 8&10) - Still in the hunt for a record third title, initially appalling, but has learnt his lessons well and rarely disappoints, a model of consistency.

Jimmy Smith (Season 9) - Again has recovered from poor initial form, looking for his 2nd title in 3 years.


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