Season 12 - Week 6

A hu-uge winner for James Delahunt catapults him to the top of the league, his intricate knowledge of Darlington and their ability to Rochdale's fortress and pick up a winner netted him a gain of £5.50 in week, taking him above Ben Gould and James Conduit who both netted winners to leave them hovering around the £5.00 mark, well shy of Delahunt's ma-hu-ssive £8.58.

Ross Jones doesn't know a winner from a wiener and consequently finds himself bottom of the overall league with -£6.00 an no winners, the wiener.

Pele  League

Ben Gould's bid to win his first Pele league title looks well set £2.50 clear of Chris Cornwall in second.  Jimmy Smith (previous winner) lurks onimously in 3rd.  With Rodgers and Rosser also in positive figures the league is not the normal embarassment of a league it normally is!

Lines (T), Dunk and Lloyd already look adrift at the bottom

League of Leagues

Confirming their rise, the Pele league sit 4th overall in the League of Leagues, with a marginal loss.  Buoyed by impressive performances from Conduit and Crunkhorn (both nudging £5) the Lee leagues leads the way.  The Devine and Boogers league also bely their lowly statuses to return a profit boosted by Delahunt and Wilkinson respectively.

The Dickov league would be 5th were it not for Ross Jones' inability to pick a winner.

The Jason ‘pineapple’ Lee League 4.07
The Peter Devine League 2.31
The Marco Boogers League 1.5
The Pele League -0.57
The Gary Lineker League -3.42
The Dean Holdsworth League -5.61
The Maradona League -5.81
The Ali Dia League -6.4
The Paul Dickov League -7.05


Picks of the week

Delahunt led the way with his big Darlo pick, but this cannot overshadow Wilkinson's Queen of the South's pick, away at St Johnstone a big 4.75 odds pick catapulting him to the top of his league.   Heseltine also shows an intricate knowledge of the French leagues as Auxerre won away at Sochaux at odds of 4.50.  In another week Man U v Everton draw (3.40) would have been pick of the week, so also deserves a mention.

Who are you, who are you?

I've stuck a thread in the forum asking for more info on some of the new names, it is easier for me to abuse you / write creative analysis if I know a bit more about you.  Let me know who your rivals are, who you support etc and I'll see if I can weave it into my analysis.  It makes it more interesting for me when I review the leagues if I know that <insert name here> is desperate to beat their father/brother/girlfriend/dog (delete as applicable).


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