Season 3 - Week 10

Suffice it to say that no league came close to winning anything this week as what I like to call "selfish-itis" took over people's picks.  Wigan to win at Chelsea, Blackburn to beat Arsenal and Charlton to win (full stop) being some examples of the silly bets that were put on to avoid relegation / chase promotion / keep the bookies in BMWs (delete as applicable).

Now admittedly some bets came in.  Joel Wrigley succesfully picked Newcastle to win at Tottenham to come flying out of his league (and into 3rd overall).  Darren Clare spectacularly escaped relegation picking Peterhead to win away at Cowdenbeath.  Nick (houdini) Lines picked a Southampton Burnley draw to ensure another season in the Pele League, relegating David Pilkington in the process.  Jimmy was by this point long gone, and ended bottom of the overall competition.  Finally Paul Chadbourne was another to jump on the Newcastle bandwagon to gain promotion from the Lineker League.

Others found sanctity and safety in going safe, both James Holland and Rick Healey esacping relegations with a couple of bankers.

Anyway I've been avoiding saying this, but congratulations must go to Tony for winning the overall league.  He does deserve it, he's been there most of the season and is the only person in all leagues to get 8 winners out of ten.  Second overall was David Rosser, a form man if there ever was one, he picked three winners, then three losers and then finally four winners! 

Third and Fourth were Joel Wrigley and Paul Hickey.  Joel has bounced all season and was as low as -£3, but his faith in the unusual paid off and although he picked up as many losers as winners, his long-shot prowess has seen him through to 3rd.  Pauil Hickey's season was built on one huge 5.5 pick (Chelsea Fulham draw in Week 8) and then a season of medicrioty - but hey he's is a prize money position and you ain't so who you criticising buddy (please ignore last sentence if you are Tony, David or Joel)

Talking of prize money, I don't know how many of you joined various things (and Tony is away fluffing or skiing or something so I can't tell).  But when I find out how much money has been brought in from you guys joining sites through this site the I'll tell you how much we'll give out!  C'mon admit it most of you didn;t join anything did you, well I joined Sporting Index through it, so there will be some prize money at least.   Should be a kitty of £100 or so at least to split, I'll let you know.

Finally, for every winner there is a loser (cough Jimmy) and the following people are officially rubbish:

Jimmy Smith, David Pilkington (bottom overall, smug and relegated respectively)

Paul Shakespear, Ben Gould (relegated again!, second bottom eight consecutive losses respectively)

Dean Lemm, Tim Hughes (beaten by a guy betting solely on Scottish football [you know who you are], three consecutive relegations respectively)

Mark Fowler, Ian Clifford (if there was a conference to be relegated to you guys would be history!)

Gibbo out


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