Season 12 - Week 5

A lot of money has been lost over the years on Home and Draw picks, but

Remarkably even after over 1700 away picks, they are still in profit, sure only 1.81%, but that is way better than other options.

Home or Away?  
Home -83.3
Draw -39.71
Away 31.43



Home or Away per game?  
Home -3.64%
Draw -17.89%
Away 1.81%


This is backed in the range finder, with the 4+ picks making a whopping 10% profit… although this is destroyed as a theory in part by the lack of success in the 3.5-4.0 range…… not really sure what this tells us actually!

Range Finder  
4+ 10.97%
2-2.5 0.08%
1.5-2 -2.66%
3-3.5 -4.56%
1-1.5 -4.69%
2.5-3 -6.85%
3.5-4 -7.51%


International friendly games appear to be bringers of joy with a massive profit made in the Internationals.  Oddly the FA Cup appears to bring success, and the Carling Cup nothing but pain, but hey ho. 

Spain is the only continental league showing a profit, with Germany being the worst.

League / Cup  
International Match 56.00%
FA Cup 8.39%
Scotland Premier League 5.52%
Scotland Division Two 0.41%
Spain Primera Liga 0.35%
Coca-Cola League Two -0.33%
Barclays Premier League -0.54%
Coca-Cola League Championship -2.28%
Coca-Cola League One -6.03%
Scotland - FA Cup -9.68%
Italy Serie A -10.18%
Euro 2008 Qual -12.07%
World Cup Qualifying -12.28%
Scotland Division One -12.42%
Germany Bundesliga I -15.81%
Tennents Scottish Cup -17.60%
France Le Championnat -18.95%
Scotland Division Three -37.33%
Carling Cup -100.00%



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