Season 12 - Week 3

I C What is Happening

Conduit, Crunkhorn and Cornwell are amongst the early pacesetters in Season 12 of Weekend Predictor, only Ono in 3rd splits up the C contingent.  In the Pele league Shakespeare and Smith, both previous winners, lead the way with Cornwall only fractionally behind in 3rd.  All founder members of the Weekend Predictor League, and all relegated at various points in their predicting careers it is a testament to their bouncebackability that they lead the way at this point.

37 out of 80 of us remain in positive figures, whereas 11 people have started off with three big fat losses.  At the other end of the scale 22 people have 100% records to date, but notably and noticeably the current leader John Conduit is top without a 100% record, reflecting recent trends where the overall winners tend to have one or two great picks, but a few big losses as well.

Picks of the week

Paul Shakespeare 2.1
chrissy blackers 1.5
Ricky Jones 1.37
Ben Gould 1.2
Paul Crunkhorn 1.2


Our twofold Pele league champion Shakespeare picked a big 3.10 draw between Greece and Israel leading the way in a week where big picks are scant on the ground.  A solid pick from Chrissy Blackers backing the Posh to beat the Fox (who got an impressive 2.50 for the team second in the league at home - albeit playing the team top) .  Ricky Jones shows an impressive knowledge of the Scottish third division picking East Stirling away and Ben Gould and Paul Crunkhorn both backed dirty Leeds to pick off the Dons at home, with suitably generous odds.

Winning and Losing Streaks

Think you are a big winner?  Chris Roberts put together an impressive 20 game winning streak, stretching over 3 seasons, despite Goga's best attempts no one has really come close since.  It is worth noting that most seasons 10 winners, even at 1.25-1.30 would probably be enough to get you promoted, it is one way to play.  Just as a sidenote if you were to have viewed C Roberts form it would look something like this! WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Chris Roberts 20  
goga nikuradze 15  
Darren Clare 13  
Matt Haywood 12  
Rob Noyce 11  

At the other end of the scale Nik Simms and Ricky Jones both managed to go 11 games without a winner, I guess if you want to get in the hall of fame this is one way to go about it, but it is potentially harder to pick 11 losers on the bounce than you think, it is perhaps no coincidence that Ben Drury in 3rd below also has the highest odds winner at an amazing 17.00.


Nik Simms   11
Ricky Jones   11
Ben Drury   10
Matt Britcliffe   10
Danny Lewis   9
David Pilkington   9
Jimmy Smith   9
Martin Malone   9
Richard Ingham   9
Trevor Gibbons   9


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