Season 12 - Week 2

A break from the normal analysis this week, dropped in favour of a statistical review to help you pickers! 

The Big Six 

The game often defaults to the big six (Celtic / Rangers / Liverpool / Man U / Chelsea / Arsenal) if you forget to pick…. Is this a bad thing?

Analysis of the results of the big six suggests that results are not as bad as I sometimes suggest in my analysis.  Although Arsenal and Chelsea are losing 8p per game and Man U 1p per game, Ranger, Celtic and Liverpool are all winning over time, Rangers by an impressive 17p


Team Profit / Loss Per Game
Rangers 17.05 0.17
Liverpool 10.31 0.09
Celtic 4.36 0.04
Man Utd -1.18 -0.01
Arsenal -8.56 -0.08
Chelsea -9.58 -0.08


Although this pales in comparison to the biggest all time winning teams (Hull 44p, Sunderland 40p, it is not as bad as some might expect.  Below are the 5 best teams to back historically. 

Most Profitable Picks  
Hull 44.34
Sunderland 39.66
West Brom 27.39
Bolton 18.79
Milton Keynes Dons 18.29


These have generated the most return, but the most per game are: 

Most Profitable per game (min 5 games)  
Gretna 133%
Hull 106%
Sunderland 63%
Bordeaux 58%
Israel 58%



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