Season 11 - Final Week

Smith storms to overall title, Rosser Pele league winner again

Jimmy bitched the rest of the league ending a magnificent £5.79 clear of second place, and recording the second highest score in WP history (+£11.55).  This also regained him a place in the Pele league.  Rosser ultimately won the Pele league at a canter as well, Shakespeare unable to find the miracle longshot to give him the title.

Pele League

With only Rosser and Shakespeare in positive figures the Pele league was disappointing overall, and looked like a two horse race from about halfway through.  Shakespeare was unable to capitalise on his fine start and faded badly, allowing Rosser to storm through with big winners in weeks 8&9.

At the other end neither Gibbons (who now battles his father next season), Noyce nor Kelly could find the big winner they needed to escape relegation, Lloyd and Gurd forcing them to go long by picking well in the last week.

Maradona League

Smith and Dunk had fine seasons and promotion was assured long ago,  Drury and Gibbons must be kicking themselves as they needed to find only 1.50 winner to get third, neither could manage it though and Lines (T) goes up despite ending the season in negative figures

Hughes, Wickett and Britcliffe (who failed to pick a winner all season) looked doomed going into the last week, and none of them found the miracle winner they needed

Lineker League

Fields, Lines N (who completes a good season for the Lines family)  and Clare ended well clear of the pack to secure promotion, only Julia Ingham was within range and she inecpicably went short in the final week, maybe deciding on one more season of consolidation (or match fixing following a bribe?!?!).

At the other end Roberts, Malone and Jones (R) were relegated, well short of the others and all over £5 in the red and hence deservingly cast into the.....

Dickov League

Kinsella was a runaway leader ending over £5 clear of Ono and Jamie Jones.  Chadbourne went safe, presumably surprised by Ono's audacious Week 10 winner (2.60) and Ross Jones and Lowe both slipped up, when the smallest of winners would have been enough.... which presumably was hugely satisfying for Jamie Jones!

Sohail Virdi escaped relegation with a last week winner, casting Bailey assunder joining Willshire and Richard Ingham (who is dropping like a stone from previously majestic heights) in the humiliation of relegation to the......

Lee League

What a gash league.  Only Steven Baker cooked up a positive score, and Holland Elder gained promotion in the negatives.  Callan heroically escaped relegation fears with a 2.37 pick, jumping him above the previously (i.e. in previous seasons) impressive Heseltine and Conduit.

Nikuradze, Pilkington (who has now been relegated through 5 divisions) and Drury fall to the dank dark depths of the.........

Ali Dia League

6 (count 'em six) people ended in positive figures, but for Omoriyekemwen, Haywood and Guest it was not enough as Simms, Andrew Jones and Crunkhorn led out impressively, all ending the season on £2+.

Michelle Hastie found a last week winner to escape relegation sending Wickham down, along with Buckley and Bradley (aren't they a Building Society?) into the........

Boogers League

Blackley and Charlton picked safe to secure promotion, but they are joined by Danny Lewis who picked a 3.40 winner! Baker and Murray missed out through timid selection, whereas Ant Owen must be kicking himself, as a 1.03 winner would have been enough!

At the other end Delahunt's loss allowed Glen Jones to escape relegation with the tamest of winners (1.16).  Gibson and Buzzard join him in relegation to the......

Devine League

Takes a deep breath, nearly there, when did we get so many leagues!

Gary Moss cruises to the title, hotly pursued by a rolling stone  (that's cockney rhyming slang for Andy Jones) and the best of them all (David Ball).

Besant, Ball and White might go down, depending on the new leagues that may or may not be created below them!


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