Season 11 - Week 9

Smith loses but still nailed on for title

Despite a loss for Jimmy Smith, further losses for Dunk and Simms mean that Smith is still assured the Season 11 title, remaining £6.49 clear of a resurgent Kinsella who, along with Rosser passed the declining Dunk and Simms.

Britcliffe still losing

Matt Britcliffe has still yet to find a winner this season and remains rooted to the bottom, closely preceded by Wickett and Drury who have only found 0.16p winners.

Rosser returns

Shakespeare's slip means that his chances of a third title in 4 years are receding rapidly, Rosser now looks favourite to secure his second Pele league title with a £2.33 lead at the top, following a cracking Blackburn away winner at 2.62

Picking joys all around

A good week for pickers saw an impressive £10.91 gain overall, this was mainly buoyed by a few speculative and spectacular away winners (see picks of the week).  Overall however we remain over £100 in deficit across the season, so this is either a turning point or a fluke depending on your outlook

Picks of the week

emma sht box 6 Nottm Forest away at Reading
John Conduit 4.5 Boro home to Liverpool
david hatchard 4.5 Boro home to Liverpool
Matt Bailey 3.5 Sheff W away at Burnley
Brian Charlton 3.33 Arsenal v Fulham draw
Michael John Blackley 3.33 Arsenal v Fulham draw

A great winner for the delightfully named Emma heads the way in a week of big winners, both Conduit and Hatchard backed a Boro team that last won when bankers bonuses seemed fair and received proportianate and fair returns accordingly.  Bailey spotted the value in betting against a fading Burnley and Charlton and Blackley both spotted that Arsenal couldn't score in a crack den / brothel.

Final Week Shenanigans

One piece of advice from a man who has been relegated and promoted twice, don't assume the others will win.  There is nothing more annoying than going long when a 1.16 would have secured you promotion, good luck and God speed.



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