Season 11 - Week 8

Bookies pay out on Smith

With only two weeks to go, some media hungry bookies have already paid out on Jimmy Smith being crowned the overall champion.  A gargantuan £6.80 clear of Dunk in second, only a freak pick will deny him the crown.  With the title secured he must now be looking to break Nik Simms 3 season old record of £13.55, two evens picks will see him break the record.

Rosser joins the hunt for the Pele title

Shakespeare has some serious competition in his bid to win his 3rd Pele title in 4 years, the venerable David Rosser has launched himself back into the title race with a monster week 8 pick.  His 3.50 pick puts him just 29p behind Shakespeare, and his ability to pick massive winners must surely send shivers up Shakey's spine.

Britcliffe still sucks

Another week another loser for Britcliffe, Everton letting down the perennial loser, who has still yet to pick a winner this season.

Picks of the week

8 David Rosser Blackpool Watford Away Win Win 2.5
8 alan blackley Middlesbrough Wigan Draw Win 2.3
8 Craig Storey Nottm Forest Derby Away Win Win 1.9
8 paul kinsella Coventry Birmingham Home Win Win 1.7
8 Jimmy Smith Aston Villa Chelsea Away Win Win 1.3
8 Nick Lines Aston Villa Chelsea Away Win Win 1.3

Great winners for Rosser and Blackley top the pile, Derby and Coventry were arguably massive for a team that is in fine form and against a team fading fast respectively.  Lines and Smith went for the new manager effect, a brave choice against an in form Villa side, but Villa are stronger away from home and I wish I'd picked Chelsea!

Stat Attack

Overall a shocking week for punters, a 41% loss on average, with 64.4% of us failing to find a winner and 20/32 that did find a winner were only at odds of 1.33 or less.

With so many players we now have many multi-monikered players.  This week the David's led the way, the only first name to make a profit (in those names where we have more than 2).  Paul and James were okay, but Matt / Matthew was appalling and the Gary's all lost.... what's in a name?  Well I'm changing my name to David Dave Davies..... I need all the help I can get!

David 0.65 6
Paul -0.5 5
James -0.5 3
craig -0.82 5
Simon -1.7 3
Matt -3.52 6
Gary -4 4

Thanks for tuning in, over and out

David Dave Davies


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