Season 11 - Week 7

Smith slips up, others fail to capitalise

Despite Jimmy Smith's poor pick of Leeds, his lead at the top remains strong, as Dunk and Simms remain over £5 in arrears (despite both picking winners this week).  With only 3 weeks to go, you would assume that one more winner would secure the league.  Dunk's big Bury win was enough to take him back into second, but he will need at least two more big winners to even stand a chance of the overall title.  with Simms only opting for a 1.33, John Fields has closed the gap in 4th with another solid pick (Morecambe).

Britcliffe sucks....

At the bottom Matt Britcliffe's called off game is the only thing saving him from a perfect imperfect record, but he is still yet to pick a winner this season.  Wickett and Ben Drury have fared only slightly better.

Pele Woe

Only Shakespeare is in positive figures in the Pele league and he looks set for back-to-back titles and his 3rd Pele title in 4 years, which would be a formidable feat, but with a plethora of players within £3 and the luminaries for Rosser and Gurd his nearest rivals, the league is far from secure.

Lloyd, Noyce and Kelly currently sit in the danger zone, facing relegation into the eminently more competitive Maradona League

League of Leagues

Only the Ali Dia league is showing a profit, and despite it's travails the Pele league avoids the moniker of worst league, due to the incompetence of Boogers and Lee.

The Ali Dia League 1.31
The Maradona League -3.91
The Dean Holdsworth League -5.35
The Gary Lineker League -6.99
The Paul Dickov League -7.17
The Peter Devine League -9.56
Pele League -11.55
The Marco Boogers League -11.62
The Jason ‘pineapple’ Lee League -23.55

Picks of the Week

Gary White 2.3  Sheff U v Hull draw - Draws lose over 18% in the history of the picks, so choosing any draw is brave.... but fruitful when it comes off!
Jonathan Dunk 1.5  Bury away at Grimsby, the classic, banker at home, profit away from home trick, a good tactic.
Paul Shakespeare 1.5  Burnley at home to Wolves, Wolves are on the slide, the 2.50 on offer was generous, but well spotted!
Danny Lewis 1.5  See above!
Tony Southworth 1.37  Rochdale away at Macclesfield, a good response to the where are they now feature!


Where are they now?

David Pilkington burst onto the scene with a massive £7.59 gain in his first full season, a then record, heads were turned by the outrageous backing of unfancied Reading, who at that time were ripping up the Premiership.  Sadly David was a one trick pony and despite a slight rally in Season 5, his recent form has been devastatingly poor and he now resides in the 5th tier.

His inability to live the dream has a number of unfortunate side effects, not least an increasingly slappy forehead and big flappy ears, and it would appear that the glare off his forehead has prevented him from seeing the picking screen (surely the only excuse for picking Watford to beat Chelsea).

Currently in the relegation zone, and faced with impending relegation into the 6th tier of predicting, David's decline has been faster than anyone elses and we should all take this opportunity to point and laugh before the inevitable day, when a passing Boeing 747 mistakes his ears for radar dishes and crash lands into his office.


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