Season 3 - Week 8

Pele League - 2/10 - £2,600 - Besmirching the good name of Pele

Only Chris Cornwall and Paul Drury managed to pick winners in another poor week for the Pele League.  Tony still leads the league, but loses his overall lead to Paul Hickey, but we'll come to him.

Nick and Jimmy are deep in the relegation mire, but Paul Drury's win has pulled him clear and thrust James Holland into trouble.

Lineker League - 5/10 - £11,000 - More Gary Barlow than Gary Lineker

Rob, Matt and Nick Kelly are still fighting it out at the top, as all three won, Ben Gould's desperate pick of Fulham to beat Chelsea nearly came in.... but didn't he has now picked 8 losses on the trot and one more will see him gain the unwelcome tag of worst picker in WP history (currently held by Jon Dunk).

Rick Healey, Paul Shakespeare and Simon Gurd are battling it out at the bottom, none of them capable of picking winners this week.

Dickov League - 3/10 - £2,300 - .... errr Dickov is quite appropriate actually

The top two lost (Thomas Jarrett and Jon Dunk) allowing Joel Wrigley and Nik Simms to make up ground. 

Gary Lewis' win pulls him away from the relegation zone, leaving Darren Claer, Tim Hughes and Dean Lemm to battle it out.

Lee League - 5/10 - More Lee Sharpe than Jason Lee for the best performing league of the week

Paul Hickey rises to 1st overall with an outrageous (some would say lucky) pick of the Chelsea / Fulham draw.  This has somewhat obscured Matt Britcliffe's superb pick of Liverpool to beat Tottenham to go second.

Mark Fowler and Ian Clifford both picked small winners to close on Ian Booth.


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