Season 11 - Week 4

Jimmy Smith is on a charge at the top, he has already compiled an impressive £10.40 and must have half an eye on Nik Simms £13.55 record.... talking of whom Nik Simms (who it is safe to say had had an up and down WP career) is his closest rival, a clear £4.26 behind on £6.14, bolstered by an impressive week 4 winner.  Of the rest only Jon Dunk is above £2.50, with a solid £1 a week gain to leave him on £4.

Cornwall, Wickett and Booth are the only 3 without a win to date.

It has been an odd season so far, normally we have more players on £4-5+ and more players without a winner, have we all forsaken the long-shots for a life of consolidation, has the credit crunch beaten all the risk takers down?

The top flight is a great example of the increased compression of the players scores, with only £2.84 separating the Pele League leader (Steven Rodgers) from the last relegation spot (Nick Kelly).  Barring a couple of exceptions, other leagues are showing signs of compression as well, with only £1.71 separating promotion from relegation in the Lineker League, £1.26 in the Dickov League, £1.61 in the Ali Dia and £1.91 in the Boogers League...... now is the time to strike, cast aside the shackles of defensive picking and go bold.

Picks of the Week

Nik Simms - 4.50 - Swansea away at Portsmouth - Yowser, some pick this one, although in hindsight Portsmouth are gasher than the hole in the Titanic, and apparently Swansea are the Arsenal of the Championship..... although I never heard anyone say that before they beat Portsmouth

Jake Jones - 3.10 - Derby v Forest draw - Of course this was going to happen.... but why didn't anyone else (including me!) spot it, this and the Merseyside draw were more obvious than Jordan's best features.

Andrew Jones - 2.20 - Leeds at home to Posh - The Jones clan are showing us the way this week, 2.20 for a home team that should be in the Premiership (cough), easy money.

Jon Dunk - 2.10 - Tranmere to beat Carlisle...... why would you know anything about these teams, clearly a lucky shot in the dark.

Lisa Bradbury  - Notts County to beat Port Vale - Showing an excellent knowledge of lower league football, Lisa has shown that good picking is in the detail, well done.

Stat Attack

Overall we are £10.85 down or about 3.3p per player per week, which isn't terrible.  But certain leagues are letting us down, the League of Leagues below shows that the Lee League is the worst offender, but as often is the case, the pickers' form also deserts them when they hit the top.  Ideas as to why this might happen welcomed on the forum.

The Ali Dia League 9.58
The Maradona League 4.66
The Gary Lineker League 2.85
The Marco Boogers League 1.68
The Dean Holdsworth League -1.23
The Peter Devine League -2.82
The Paul Dickov League -3.06
The Pele League -9.83
The Jason ‘pineapple’ Lee League -12.68


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