Season 11 - Week 2

Jimmy Smith follows up his impressive big one from week one with another good winner (Man U), to leave himself a phenomenal £6.84 clear at the top.  Although this sort of gap can be closed quickly in WP land, he has already given himself a great chance for the overall title.  For the rest of us only Alan Blackely and Gary Moss are above the £1 per week line that seems to be the prerequisite for an overall winner nowadays.  With over half of us at breakeven or better though there is still time for a title charge.

At t'other end 11 people have yet to pick a winner, with a few ever-presents (notably Pilkington, Holland) - are these people's learning curves flat lines?

In the top flight Rosser, Gurd and Gibbons (jr) lead the way, but it remains tight.  Matt Wilkinson joins the holding league but starts off with a loser, may your luck change sir.

Picks of the week

Joh Fields - Swansea away - 3.50 - Burnley have dropped away of late and Fields spotted this with remarkable alacrity.

Gary Lewis, Alan Blackely - Boro v Sunderland draw - 3.20 - 20:20 vision in hindsight this is a great pick, Boro unable to win, a typically tight derby affair, well done.

Brian Charlton, Matthew Gibbons - Forest away - 2.80 - Forest on the back of two good wins, Charlton as hopeless as the aforementioned Holland and Pilkington, like buying money.

Stat Attack

For once draws are paying off, this season the draw has gained a remarkable £13, away winners are losing for once (-£2.76) but as ever the home games seem to let most of us down a remarkable £16.36 in deficit.

As normal the top flights of football are struggling to return profits, as last season showed as well the Championship is the top performing league, beaten only by the cup competitions, which are apparently not quite as much of a lottery as the promoters would hav us believe!

FA Cup 5.92
Scotland - FA Cup 2
Coca-Cola League Championship 1.51
Spain Primera Liga 1.12
Coca-Cola League Two 0
Coca-Cola League One -1
France Le Championnat -1
Barclays Premier League -2.42
Italy Serie A -4.25
Scotland Premier League -8



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