Season 11 - Week 1

Well done to Paul "Shakey" Shakespeare  (only the second person to win the Pele league twice) and Robert Heseltine, the overall winner, with the second highest winning score of all time, narrowly falling short of Nik Simms record.

The overall league this year has had an unexpected early spanner in the works, with Jimmy Smith picking the Chelsea Southend draw and taking a massive £5.40 lead into week 2.  We've had early big winners before and sometimes they hold on (Nik Simms) and sometimes they fade into obscurity (Tim Hughes).

Behind Jimmy both Dunk (Torquay home win) and Rosser (Portsmouth v Bristol City draw) picked big 3.60 shots, but were eclipsed by Jimmy.  Nonetheless it is always nice to get a winner in early (bah Leicester fielding a weakened team).

A solid first week for most, with only 29/80 picking losing (damn you Leicester), although a large number of people autopicked, choosing festive celebrations over predicting.

A couple of name checks, kudos to Jonathan Stapleton and Trevor Gibbons in the second flight who have risen the leagues well, as have Stephen Rodgers, Ben Gould, Simon Gurd, David Rosser who have all risen (albeit a while ago in some cases) through the leagues to the top flight/

Anti-Kudos to Joel Wrigley, James Holland and David Pilkington who have all slid from the top flight into league 5!!!


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