Season 10 - Week 8

Title Race Back On

Heseltine fails for the first time this season (I guess he needs to take more care betting against Morecombe), this has allowed Conduit (with a nice safe 1.72 pick - why couldn't I find one of those), Omoriyekemwen (with a cracking Everton away winner) and Delahunt (Watford 2.20 at home) to close the gap.  With 7 people on +£5 the race is still remarkably open for the overall title.

Gurd and Kelly get the Shakes

Both Gurd and Kelly failed with away winner favourites, the former one of many to be surprised by the failings of the top four in the premiership, this has allowed Shakespeare to open up a small, but potentially crucial, £1.91 gap at the top of the league, with Noyce et al a long way back it looks like a three horse race, and if Shakey can pick a couple of winners of any sort it puts tremendous pressure on Gurd and Kelly to find some value.

Britcliffe flops again

Britcliffe fails to win for the 8th time this season and looks destined to get the perfect -£10!

Picks of the Week

Liverpool v Hull draw - 5.00 - Craig Storey is not even in the leagues proper, but woe betide the bottom league when he does enter, the pick of the week, and in retrospect eminently pickable.

Everton away at Man City - 3.80 - Efosa Omoriyekemwen again picks a pickable winner, Man City are inconsistent (read crap), but only Efosa had the courage to back it

Newcastle away at Portsmouth - 3.40  - Malone and Wickham picked well here in my opinion, Newcastle haven't won away since forever, but on the basis that Portsmouth are pants a good pick.

Millwall away at Walsall - 2.62 - Ricky Jones - In the battle of the teams with too many l's in their name Ricky went for the surfeit of l's in Millwall, a whopping four.  Okay I'm sure there was more logic than that, a good win that's taken him top of this league.

Stockport away at Yeovil - 2.50 - Jonathan Stapleton - Errrr I know nothing about these teams, but the pick pulled him away from the relegation zone and gives him a chance at promotion to the top flight, which would be an impressive rise up the leagues.

Stat Attack

An odd week, where the top four in the premiership and the top two in Scotland all failed to win.  This hit predictors hard, with a overall big six loss of £14 made up of:

Celtic - 5 Fails

Chelsea - 8 fails

Liverpool - 3 fails but one big winner!

Man U - 5 fails - albeit 2 picking Tottenham!

No bets on Rangers or Arsenal

This made up a considerable part of the £23.46 loss overall, which incidentally is way bigger than the bookies margin, which means we are rubbish (yes I know I lose as well, but 4-4 was a ridiculous score!)



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