Season 10 - Week 6

It's tough at the top

I don't know what happens when you hit the rarified heights of the top 5 leagues, but the top 8 now come from "lower leagues", with the Ali Dia league giving us 4 of the top 8!  You have to feel for Matt Wickham who is in 7th overall, but cannot find a promotion spot in his own league.  His league is headed by the brutish Heseltine, who continues to bully everyone else in the competition, although things can change rapidly in the world of WP, his lead at the top of the overall league (£2.86) is commanding.

Losses for Crunkhorn and Conduit have allowed a resurgent Delahunt (betting against Tottenham) and Omoriyekemwen (spotting the Bolton away winner) to bring themselves into contention.  Elder's knowledge of Scottish football keeps him in the hunt, lurking ominously around the £5 mark.

It tougher at the bottom!

Certainly for Matt Britcliffe who is now the only player without a winner all season, 49 players have failed to find positive figures and overall we are -£24.47, which equates to about 5p loss per person per week.

Pele Pele

It looks as if the Pele league is going to have a repeat winner for only the second time in it's history, the top four have all won the Pele league in the past and although Gurd (Season 7 - Pele league champion) has taken poll position, he is up against the proven pedigree of Kelly (Season 5), Shakespeare (Season 8) and Smith (Season 9).

Picks of the week

1. Arsenal away at Chelsea - Gurd, Pilkington, Lloyd - Three people spotted the mammoth 5.00 odds for Arsenal.  Given that Arsenal are inconsistent and only seem to win every other week, 5.00 for a random might win, might get hammered 6-0 game was probably generous.... but you guys are braver tham me!

2. Everton away at Tottenham - Wickham, Delahunt - Personally I felt 4.00 was not generous as Tottenham have been awesome uunder Redknapp, indeed three people backed Tottenham at 1.90, but I bow to your superior predicting.

3. Deportiva La Coruna away at Almeria - Wrigley - I know nothin' - this was either a random guess, or a well-researched, well deserved win.... I'll let others decide, but for me, you fully deserve the 3.50 odds you found.

4. Ipswich / Sheff U draw - Holland - Coming of the back of 5 straight losses, picking a draw is ballsy, but it paid off for James Holland.... even if he did need a late late penalty to gain himself the 3.30 odds

5. Bolton away at Sunderland - Omoriyekemwen - In hindsight the 3.20 Omoriyekemwen  found for this was genius.  Sunderland have been gash, and Bolton are on fire, it's like buying money.... but he was the only one to spot it!

Stat Attack

This was our best week as a whole, we would have made £7.57 profit if we had actually laid the bets.  In a time of economic crisis, that is a 9.46% return!  In other weeks we have made losses in weeks 2,3 & 5 and small profits in weeks 1&4.  Week 3 was particularly disastrous when we lost £16.03, just over 20%

The best individual league week, is the irrepressible Ali Dia league, with a monumental +£11 in week 4, driven by 8/10 winners and a Grant Elder 7.00 pick.  Compare and contrast to the Jason Lee league, which has not paid a profit in any week this season!  The best week they had was breakeven in week 1.

The Dickov league heads the way for incompetence though, with a -£6.35 in week 2 - only 3/10 picked winners and they totalled a gain of 65p between them.




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