Season 10 - Week 5

Heseltine takes stranglehold, Conduit's longshot

In the battle of the bullies, Crunkhorn blinked, and has (metaphorically) been given a wedgie by the irresistable force that is Heseltine.

It is not Heseltine's 100% record that is so impressive (as 5 other people share that honour), but instead his long odds.  Another away winner this week stretches his points tally to £8.90 - an average gain of £1.78 per week.

Crunkhorn's misplaced faith in Nottingham Forest has not only given Heseltine a £2+ gap at the top, but also cost him second, as Conduit put his faith in the Saints and took advantage of the huge 9.00 odds on Southampton winning at Reading.  Easily the pick of the week

Great big losers

It is week 5, and there are 5 people who have picked 5 losers, in 5 results.  It is time to name and shame.

Matt Britcliffe, Matt Haywood, Steve Ball, James Holland and David Lloyd.... we do not salute you.

Credit Crunch hits WP?

Have the bookies started lowering their prices?  Has predicting ability fallen like the FTSE?  Whatever is happening, we are not finding it easy this season  Below is a league by league comparison.

Pele League -£13.55

Maradona League -£17.47

Lineker League -£0.19

Dickov League -£13.31

Lee League -£11.08

Ali Dia League +£22.54

Boogers League +£6.84

Devine League -£5.82

With the noticeable exception of the Ali Dia League and the Boogers League everyone else is struggling.  Thankfully my league is the worst offender (allowing me to sneak into the promotion spots with -£0.60!), although the average performance may be better in the top league, universal crapness allows only Nick Kelly the privelege of positive figures and the opportunity to regain his season 5 Pele league title.

Picks of the Week

John Conduit - Southampton away at Reading 9.00 - cracking spot, as ever with the true long-shots not sure what you saw here, can only presume some sort of witchcraft, but great call nonetheless.

David Rosser, Brian Charlton - Bolton away at Boro 4.33 - Another great spot, Bolton aren't half as bad some think, and Boro are inconsistent at best, a great value pick that paid hige dividend this week.

Paul Kinsella - Coventry away at Sheffield Wednesday 3.75 - Genius, two broadly mid-table teams, one short odds, one at 3.75.

Andrew Wickett - Villa / Man U draw 3.6 - Villa on the back of a good win, Man U stuttering, good call..... hell any draw is a good call!

Simon Callan - Man City to beat Arsenal 3.5 - How was Simon the only person to spot this value?  Sure Man City have been poor, but at home against an Arsenal team beset with problems, well done Simon for being the only one with the clarity of vision!


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