Season 10 - Week 4

Crunkhorn and Heseltine..... they sound more like 6th form bullies in a Jennings novel than predicting gurus, but predicting gurus they are on £7.50 and £7.30 respectively they are setting a pace that is as relentless as it is unprecedented.  On the narrow tightrope that is "evens plus picking" neither have erred nor wavered.  On current form the £13.55 Nik Simms record season is distinctly under threat.

Camera pans back to those in 3rd and beyond...... fingers drumming....... still waiting........ Efosa hello, a metaphorical country mile behind the bullies in the lead, but on a perfectly respectable £4.50.  His losing pick has cast him back into the pack as Baker, Dunk (really?) and the redoubtable Elder whose 7.00 Villa away win was undoubtably the pick of the week.

At the bottom there are still 9 people without a winner, shame on you (and thank you Burnley for saving me from that ignomy!).

Overall we found it a tough week, and although there were a few gems, there were very few people who managed to find that elusive season changing winner.

Picks of the Week

Villa away at Arsenal - Grant Elder - A remarkable spot this, Arsenal looked resurgent, were on the back of a couple of great wins, looked nailed on to all but Elder.

Sunderland away at Blackburn - Michelle Hastie - One of the new players spots a cracking away win for Keane's boys.  Nice to see one of our female competitors showing the way.

Burnley away at QPR - Chadbourne cashing in on Burnley's fine form, they are producing some great results in the Championship and are the equivalent of the Premiership's Hull.

Everton - Boro draw - Matt Wickham spots the fact that Boro have been playing well, and backs the draw to great success.  It is notoriously hard to pick draws, so kudos to Wickham.

Doncaster to beat Ipswich - Andrew Jones, I genuinely have no idea how you spotted this one.  Ipswich on the back of two good wins, Doncaster only scored twice at home all season.... are you some sort of timelord?  Deserved more than the £2.25 garnered.

Stat Attack

Most backed team this season

Barcelona 21
Chelsea 17
Rangers 17
Man Utd 16
Liverpool 14

Most succesful team this season

Tottenham +9.00
Hull +7.00
Aston Villa +6.75
Barcelona +4.65
Gillingham +4.35

Most succesful letter of the alphabet!

R 10.76
T 9.1
D 5.9
H 5.75
G 4.35
A 2.35
W 0.88
F 0.3
L -1.02
O -2
N -2.1
E -2.28
C -2.83
V -4
P -4.92
S -7.93
I -8
B -8.22
M -9.55


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