Season 10 - Week 3

Season 10 - Week 3

The lower leagues are showing the way, with the top four coming from the lower echelons.  Crunkhorn is on a mind-blowing £6.50, and came up trumps again with a Tottenham away win.  With an average weekly gain of £2.17 you'd think he'd be further clear than 30p, from a mightily impressive Robert Heseltine, who backed the blades for a £1.37 profit.  Efosa Omoriyekemwen is in third with £5.50!!!, picking the Fulham home win with consumate ease.  Pete Baker is top of the Devine league and 4th overall with £3.60, another player who spotted the Tottenham value.

The Pele league title looks open, mainly because all the competitors are rubbish!  Simon Gurd leads the way with £0.95, only good enough for 12th overall.  He is hotly pursued by Shakespear, Gould and T Lines, the only other players in positive figures.

At the other end 15 players have now picked 3/3 losers, a not so impressive feat.  Short analyis this week, sorry, but work calls.  I will of course give you the weekly stat attack.

Finest winning streaks

Chris Roberts 20
goga nikuradze 14
Rob Noyce 11
Nick Lines 10
Ian Booth 10

Longest Losing Streaks

Nik Simms 11
Jimmy Smith 9
Martin Malone 9
David Pilkington 9
Danny Lewis 9
Richard Ingham 9




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