Season 10 - Week 2

Big winners

Gee whizz guys there is some hot stuff in the lower leagues as the current top three come from the Ali Dia and Boogers Leagues.  Heseltine leads the way, following up his mahoosive 4.33 winner last week with a comparatively sedate 2.50 winner (Reading away). He is hotly pursued though by Efosa Omoriyekemwen and Crunkhorn, Efosa Omigodwhatawin picked a second consecutive 3.00+ winner (Bolton), Crunkhorn a 3.80 shot (Tottenham) and they didn't even pick the biggest winner in their league (Guest 4.20 with Wigan away!).

Those three lead the league by over a £1, and as tempting as it is to insert the normal "marathon not a sprint" cliches, these shortened ten week seasons are most definitely a sprint and the pressure has been firmly placed on the chasing pack.

100% Legends

Most leagues now have only a couple of players with a 100% record (and Simon Gurd's 100% record in the top flight puts him on course for the Pele title), but hat's off to the Ali Dia and Marco Boogers league who still have half their players picking all winners!

What's in a name?

A quarter of our number have yet to pick a winner, with a plethora of Davids (4), Matts (3), Pauls (2) and Steves (2) - what's in a name?  A lot apparently why not just change it to "A Loser" guys?

Win it again Sam

With 5 previous winners of the Pele league title in the top flight this year, we may well get the first multiple winner of the title since Nick Lines became the first and only person to achieve this feat back in Season 4.  Check out the Hall of Fame for more interesting stats.... talking of which.

Stat Attack

Away winners, win you more!  It's been shown time and time again, and this season is no different.  Those picking away winners are £4.60 this season (8.3p per bet).  Draws have lost £4.80 (a whopping 60p per bet) and Homes have lost £12.46 (12.6p per bet).  This actually makes some sense, as most accumulators are a combination of home winners, thus the bookies would sensibly lower the odds of the home team to limit their potential pay-out.

All I want for Xmas....

There are only 7 picking days until Xmas, so give yourself an early Xmas present with some winners, you don't want to be searching for a winner whilst hungover between Xmas and New Year.... although getting relegated before the New Year does at least give you a good New Years Resolution.

Toodle Pip



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