Season 3 - Week 7

Oooh we came close, 9/10 in the bottom league, so very close.  Nathan Choudhury let the team down, everyone boo him..... thanks

Pele League Sucess 2/10; Potential Winnings £39,282; Verdict - Like Charlton, only worse

Only Tony (who is now £2.86 clear) and Paul Drury won this week, everyone else managed to survey the list of bankers and somehow pick a loser.  Well done you should be proud.

Nick Lines has surprisingly dropped into the bottom two, but he is still well clear of the doomed Jimmy Smith, who is cast so far adrift at the bottom, his voice echoes when he shouts to the rest of us (£2.62).

Lineker League 6/10; £8,078, Like Fulham only duller

Rob Noyce lost, opening up the league to Richard Ingham and the eponymous hero of this diatribe, as we both picked £2.50 winners.  Ben Gould continues to amaze with his ability to jinx teams.  West Ham the "lucky" recipients of Ben's pick this week (7/7 losses!).

Paul Shakespeare and Simon Gurd are battling for the final relegation spot, the smart money going.... oh who am I to try to tip the winner, I'm transparently hopeless at tipping!

Dickov League 7/10; £7,761, Like Reading - competent, but strangely unsatisfying to watch.

Thomas Jarrett and Jon Dunk just need to consolidate now to gain promotion.  Congrats to Jon for overcoming successive relegations to find some form, shame the same can't be said for Tim Hughes who is now facing his third relegation, although to be fair by picking up a banker (along with Dean Lemm) there are now four players fighting it out for two safety spots (Gary Lewis and Darren Clare being sucked in by their incompetence).

David Rosser,  Nik Simms and Joel Wrigley would all fee they have a chance of promotion, and indeed in the Lineker league they would be in promotion spots.

Lee League 9/10, £2,833, Like the detectives trying to find a kidnapped horse, close but no Shergar.

Picks of the week by Matt Britcliffe and Andrew Wickett, some safety first bankers by the rest, all let down by West Ham's inability to find the back of the net.  Okay it wasn't going to be the biggest win of all time, but £280 each would have been a nice Xmas present.

Sohail Virdi continues to lead the way from Trevor Gibbons, who has responded admirably to my verbal kick up the posterior.  A number of others remain in the chase, but Ian Clifford and Mark Fowler need to find some form to escape the dreaded R word (rubbish or relegation you choose).

C'mon guys this league has showed us the way, someone has gotta do it soon.  Bring it.

Gibbo out.


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