Season 10

Well Season 10 is upon us, or Mega Season X as the Americans would call it, we have had 8 different winner in 9 seasons of both the overall title and the Pele title.  +£10 now seems the de minimus required to win the overall title, which requires either solid consistent picking or at least one big hit in the season.

Mega Season X also necessitates a change in analysis style, as the addition of the 8th league means that the analysis would be overly long were I to commentate on every league every week (which is a poncy way of saying I can't be bothered).  So I will dip in and out as interest dictates and concentrate on the overall league and other any general topic I feel inclined to wax lyrical on.  Towards the latter end of the season I will focus back on individual leagues.

On to business, a cracking winner for Heseltine (Liverpool away at Chelsea - ending their 86 game unbeaten streak - 4.33) takes him to the top of the league.  He is followed (albeit £1.13 behind) by a gamet of people picking Hull to continue their fine form away from home, gaining them £2.20.  One fifth of the league managed to pick evens priced or better winners, whereas nearly half started the season in the worst possible way.

This early in the season it may be worth touching on the all-time league.  There are three stand out players, Rosser, Kelly and Stapleton all beating the booking substantially over a long period of time, with honourable mentions to Roberts and Guest, the latter having a remarkable debut season (+£8.46).  Finally kudos to Tim Lines for being at +£8.27 despite being in the game from the first season (the bookies really should be ahead after 9 seasons!) and Paul Shakespeare who has recovered from a spirit breaking -£14.03 after 3 seasons to be +£4.29 after 9 seasons, a remarkable recovery.

At t'other end Cornwall, Chadbourne and Holland have been woeful... but must take heart from Shakespeare's and latterly Smith's recovery from a similarly woeful position.


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