Season 9 - Week 8


Apologies for the missing week's analysis.... and what a crucial week, with a record breaking pick from Ben Drury, at a massive 17.00 for Hull to beat Arsenal.  That of course propelled him to the top of the league, where he remains.... chased hard by another record breaker, Chris Roberts who is now on a 20 game unbeaten streak, a truly phenomenal record.  He is climbing the leagues rapidly and woe betide anyone unfortunate enough to be in the Lineker league next year, as this predicting giant is soon to be amongst you.  Steven Baker remains in the frame, another player on £7+, but I think the overall title is now gone for the rest of us, barring another Hull of a pick.

At the other end of the scale, Pilkington, Danny Lewis and Bradley have only picked 1/8 this season and find themselves at the bottom, although Lewis's one win was of sufficient magnitude to pull himself above Chadbourne.

The Pele League

No-one has picked more than 4 winners this season in the Pele league, which makes Rosser and Smith's totals all the more impressive, given that they have lost 50% of their picks.  Rosser leads the way, hoping to become only the second person to win the Pele league title twice (after Lines sr).  Smith's loss was untimely, but not fatal to his title charge.

Shakespeare, Lines and Noyce are in no-mans land and look relatively safe from relegation, but also nowhere near the glory.

Clare and Kelly are teetering over the precipice, less than £1 clear of the relegation zone.  A good win for Kelly has pulled him out, but with Gibbons and Gould lurking he needs at least one more good winner.  Cornwall looks in deep trouble, but he has relegated Gibbons before, with a last week last minute winner, so he will still hold out hope.

The Maradona League

Rodger and Gibbons have continued their formidable seasons, and looks set fair for promotion.  Gibbons sr potentially enjoying the gloating rights if he replaces his son in the top flight.  Gurd is perhaps one win short of promotion and a return to the Pele league, which he won only 2 seasons ago.

Britcliffe, Lloyd and Lines need to find one winner to be safe from relegation, and then perhaps in week 10 they can look for a long-shot to upset the promotion applecart.... but that may just be me trying to keep them interest, ultimately they looks set to finish in mid-table medicrioty.

Paul Drury sneaks out of the relegation zone with a 0.22 winner, but that was enough following losses for Bailey, Ingham and Lewis.  The latter two looking set for back-to-back relegations.  It remains tight however and there is certainly room for one to escape the ignominity.

The Gary Lineker League

Hubba hubba, what a league, Southworth in 4th has £4.61 and would be almost guaranteed promotion in any other league, in this league however he needs to find another Hull away win, following his shrewd pick of them to beat Tottenham this week.  Stapleton and Jake Jones went safe this week, presumably convinced that they were nailed on for promotion with a couple of bankers, but Southworth's 4.50 and to a lesser degree Booth's 2.50 pick means that one person will miss out, despite an impressive £2.61+ (and maybe much more) season.

Dunk on £1.20 must also feel disappointed, to barely be in the hunt, he also needs a big pick to get in the game.

Chadbourne and Pilkington look gone, leaving Virdi, Kinsella and Wickett to battle it out for the two remaining safe spots.

The Paul Dickov League

The unstoppable Roberts continues to laugh in the face of the losers, as he continues his pre-destined climb up the leagues.  Behind him Fields lost, allowing Hughes (another Hull picker), Holland and Willshire to close the gap.  With only 30p separating 3rd to 5th, the week 9 pick could be oh so crucial.

The bottom 5 are separated by only £1.48, and again the week 9 pick, and particularly the necessity to pick a winner, any winner, is now pivotal.

The Jason Lee League

Ben "one-hit wonder" Drury leads the way, despite his 5th loss of the season.  Behind him there are three distinct mini-leagues, as Ricky Jones, Simms and Ingham tussle for two promotion spots (all with credible scores) Jamie Jones, Ono and Wrigley disappear into mid-table and Andrew Jones, Lewis and Bradley are going to be relegated..... probably

The Ali Dia League

Losses for Baker and Conduit look largely inconsequential as they seems set for promotion.  Behind them a further 6 players are in positive figures and are battling for both promotion and relegation simultaneously.  It is now all about bottle, do you pick a banker and try to avoid relegation or look for a good winner to secure promotion...... well I'm talking to you?  What you going to do?

Racic and Hickey chose the wrong league to have a bad season in, and..... well bye bye

Boogers League

What a rubbish league.   Elder is leading with a pitiful £1.41 from a plethora of also-rans, none of whom possess the pizazz to post a passable score.  With barely £3 separating 2nd to 9th, this is another league where people are getting dizzy looking both up and down both in trepidation of relegation and hope of promotion.  The only exception is Steve Ball, who frankly looks doomed.

Finally another mention for Simon Guest, who would be second if he weren't in the Holding league, a formidable £10.46 in credit!


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