Season 9 Week 4


A tough week for all pickers, with only 2 succesful picks above 2.00.

David Rosser still heads the way, despite losing this week.  I would like to apologise for suggesting he might play it safe this week, it is clearly not his way.  He did however pick the most exciting game of the week, Bristol Rovers losing 5-4 to Peterborough.  Although Chris Roberts (he of the record winning streak fame) closed the gap, losses for Elder, Rodgers and Conduit mean that Rosser is still sitting pretty at the top.

Simms, Ingham and Gould have 6 weeks to find a winner and avoid the ignomity of a perfect (losing) season.

The Pele League

Rosser's slip is partially capitalised on by Shakespeare, who elected to play it safe this week, banking on his intimate knowledge of the Ukranian potency.  Rosser's lead remains over £2, but he is still within shooting distance of any of the remaining top four (it should be noted that Shakespeare, Smith and Noyce are all founding members and have done remarkably well to still be in the top flight).  Smith has sprung back into contention, with a Morecambe home win... at 3.25 - great spot.

Gould is looking increasingly mired at the bottom, but a five way struggle between Kelly, Clare (big girls), Lions[sic], Gibbons (just animals) and Cornwall (you can county on him) looks to be developing.

The Maradona League

Gibbons and Lions[sic] are inextricably linked in the Maradona league as well, both choosing to go safe in the pursuit of a promotion spot.  Jammy Rodgers came unstuck this week, foiled by Macclesfield's return to form.  Gurd is also in the mix, picking Ireland to come good in Georgia.  His 1.83 pick was the best in this league this week.  Lloyd could have broken into the top three this week, but failed, because he is a failure.

Britcliffe backed the Dons to victory, and now has an escape route out of the final relegation spot, only 26p from safety.  Losses for Bailey and Ingham ensure a winter of discontent for their travelling fans.

The Gary Lineker League

Only three winners this week in the Lineker league, with a combined return of 78p.  Comfortably the worse performing league, where minus £1.24 would get you a promotion place!  Stapleton looks set for promotion, and could probably lose the next 6 weeks and still go up, Booth and Virdi, also look set fair, given the lack of quality of the opposition.

A titanic seven-way struggle to avoid relegation, will surely be settled not by who picks the biggest winners, but by who actually picks a winner!  With only £2.27 between 3rd and 10th, it could also be argued that this was a titanic battle for promotion, but that would be flattering the incompetence of the pickers.  In my opinion, we should relegate them all.

The Paul Dickov League

Chris Roberts looks to have promotion sewn up, even at this early stage, £4+ clear of fourth, his sensible, yet profitable pick of Carlisle at home shows he clearly understands the nuances of playing for promotion.  Holland clearly knows who Accrington Stanley are, and also their weaknesses as he chose the mighty Exeter to roll them over for the best pick of the week in this division (2.00).  It secures him second spot and a chance to reclimb the leagues.  Haywood, Fields, Callan and Willshire are within £1.00 of each other and in tight competition for the final promotion spot.

Disaster for Jones, Lowe, Hughes and Malone, their losing picks plunging them into the bottom four.

The Jason Lee League

This league pushes the Lineker league close in terms of how utterly rubbish it's pickers are.  Jones (R) has the lowest leading score of all leagues, and only Wrigley out of all the other competitors has managed to sneak into positive figures.  However, both these players lost these weeks, and the seven players below them all won (note Lewis with a great draw pick).  These winners means that promotion and relegation is still a viable option for.... well all of them!*

* Please note this excludes Simms, who is gash

Ali Dia League

These guys are good, beware higher leagues, some talent is coming.  7 (seven) players in positive figures, 8 (eight) winners chosen this week, and even Hickey in last has only got a loss of -£1.82........

Having said that, the highest price winner was £0.25 leading me to suspect that everyone has given in and thinks the autopicker has got a better chance than them!

Boogers League

Bom, ba dum da doobie bum Boogers wonderland.  This league is currently the hardest to get out of, Charlton is 3rd is the highest placed third competitor on £1.90 (yes Lee & Lineker that's a positive figure).  Elder Wickham and Charlton are setting a formidable pace, leaving Jones (A) and Preston in their wake.  Do they up the ante to try to catch them, or assume that (at some point) they will fail..... time will tell.

At the other end a small gap is opening up between Ball, Crunkhorn and the rest of the field.  In a bizarre symetry, Jones (G) is the best placed 3rd bottom player with a minor loss of -£0.66.


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