Season 9 Week 3


Same old, same old.... David Rosser, two times overall winner in the past leads the way, by a comfortable £2.07 - if he chooses to bed down and go safe (which isn't really in his nature) he could well prove very difficult to catch.  Who knows, maybe he is aiming for Nik Simms all-time points in one season record.  Behind him is the shouty GRANT ELDER, who is finding the competition (Rosser aside) all too easy.  Rodgers (who is slowly climbing the all-time league) and another new boy Conduit are finding ways to keep in touch, albeit Conduit with a streaky late winner for Watford.

At t'other end a plethora of players have failed to pick a winner, notably Ingham, "one season wonder" Simms, and new boy Crunkhorn.

The Pele League

Rosser leads by a street from the effervescent Shakespeare (Auxerre away win - good spot!), who is enjoying life back in the top flight.  These two are well ahead of the middling bunch, which arguably stretches down to Cornwall in 9th, separated as they are by only £1.72.  Silence may be Goulden, but picking no winners has silenced Gould, who is staring into the abyss of relegation.

The Maradona League

The top three failed to capitalise on their good starts, Bolton, Birmingham and Everton letting them down but despite a marvellous winner for Gurd (Man City at Sunderland 3.40) no-one could take advantage and break into the promotion spots.

Gurd's winner left Ingham marooned at the bottom of the league, albeit within £2.37 of safety.  Given the number of ex-Pele players in the League (6) you would expect the standard to be higher.

The Gary Lineker League

Stapleton is nailed on to gain promotion, already £4.07 clear of 4th, mind you with only 2 players in positive figures, this could be the easiest league to escape ever.  Southworth is top half with -£1.34, but with a multitude of players between -£1.34 and £3.00 this could be a tense (albeit rubbish) relegation battle.

The Paul Dickov League

By contrast the Dickov league has no players on -£3 (the only other league to have no 3 x losers is Ali Dia) and six out of ten in positive figures (bettered only by Ali Dia's 7).  Chris Roberts leads the way, backing the recently relegated Leicester to bounced back, slips by Haywood and Field allows Holland (wait a minute, checks league again, chokes on biscuit, blimey) to close the gap in fourth.  (N.B. probably the only time Holland has been in positive figures since time immemorium).  With only £2.70 separating 2nd from 10th this is anyone's league.

The Jason Lee League

Worst league ever?  Only two in positive figures, four unable to pick a winner, Ingham in a promotion spot with -£1.00.  You guys are an embarassment (Ricky & Wrigley aside)

The Ali Dia League

Truscott, Racic and Hickey face an almight battle to avoid relegation from a hugely competitive league, where the top 7 all have £0.97+

Conduit's conduct has been exemplary and he leads the way from Heseltine (wooooo you can' touch this), who had one of the picks of the week with the Villa Liverpool draw. safe picking behind makes the final promotion spot tough to call.

The Marco Boogers League

Picks of the week for Wickham (4.33 Chelsea Tottenham draw) and Elder (Rangers away at Celtic) bring them into the promotion zone and top spot respectively.  With 7/10 winners, the losses for Charlton (player not team), Ball (player not article of sports equipment) and Crunkhorn (player not.... slightly bent horn?) could prove costly.


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