Season 9 - Week 2

I warned you last week, of the betting Behemoth that is David Rosser, and his uncanny ability to pick (seemingly) unlikely away wins and he's only gone and done it again, if only I could predict away wins like I can  predict Rosser predicting away wins..... Sunderland's win at Tottenham (6.50) is the standout pick this week and it rightly catapults Rosser and Rodgers (who spent most of the week denying that he just copied Rosser) to the top of the overall league. 

Currently in 3rd in John Conduit who found his own way to an away winner, plumping for Southampton brilliance and/or a continuation in Derby's dire form.  It is nice to see a new player "up there" this early in the season, for that reason a notable mention to Brian Charlton, another new boy who is currently in a Champions League spot..... it's just a shame we have been banned from the predicting Champions League, due to the poor behaviour of David Rosser's fans last year!

At the bottom there are fourteen people without a winner this year, Gurd & Ingham are surprises, Lewis and Drury (B) less so.  A few of the new players are finding the concept of picking winners a difficult one to grasp....

Pele League is dominated by Rosser, chased by the ever-consistent Noyce, who rarely seems to have a bad season. 8 players are in positive figures and Clare only on -£0.28, leaving Gould strewn at the bottom of the league.

Maradona league is dominated by Steven "Copycat" Rodgers, with Gibbons (sr) and Lloyd locked in battle for 2nd and 3rd, separated by a mere penny.  Just over £1 separates 4th from 8th, as most players have picked at least one winner, the notable exceptions being the latterly brilliant Ingham and Gurd.... and although the season has barely begun, these short 10 game seasons leaves little room for error.

The Lineker league is a tight (albeit rubbish) affair.  Stapleton, who is rising the leagues impressively, heads the way, and with 8 losses this week, nothing else has really changed, bar a move up for Jake Jones.  Chadbourne, Virdi and Wickett have nary a winner between them and are unsurprisingly bottom.

The Dickov league is a remarkable league, it is always the most competitive, quite why this league appears to be attract the top quality pickers can only be guessed, my guess is that it is both the nadir and zenith of picking polarity...... perhaps I should explain it remains the lowest league (nadir) where a previous Pele player resides, hence they raise their game to avoid becoming the first ex-Pele player to drop into the 5th tier, and it also represents one of the first highlights (zenith) for the new players in the game, being (latterly) the first league to which they were promoted (although we have since added new leagues).... this unique combination of being the new lows and new highs for some players mean that everyone picks out of their skin..... anyway I've rambled on for so long I've used up my space quota for this league, hence I have no room to mention Haywood, Roberts and Fields who have risen to the top, the latter with an excellent away Exeter win.  No-one has picked two losers - eat that other leagues.

The Lee League sees Wrigley "go safe" after his big winner last week, and only he and Jamie Jones managed to find winners.  A shocking week, and the worst performing league both this week and so far, with five people unable to separate the winners from the wieners.

The Ali Dia league is not worth of such an inillustrious name, seven people in positive figures, 9/10 this week, no-one with two losses and an outstanding pick from Conduit.  The mysterious Yasmine A leads the chasing pack, following a couple of solid winners, the sort of strategy that gets you promoted but never wins you the overall league, maybe she has another gear at the business end of the season.  Baker, McComish, Willey and Nikuradze are all following similar strategies... just not as well.  Heseltine recovered from a debut loss to pick the second best winner of the week for this league and now needs to kick on.  Truscott picked the only loser of the week (never bet against Rosser rule number one of WP) backing Tottenham.

The Boogers league will soon learn that I run out of energy when I get down to analysing the lower league, so only Charlton and Elder (who have both picked exciting winners in the first two weeks), will get a positive mention, the boring banker pickers in the middle will be glossed over, allowing just enough time to abuse Crunkhorm, Wickham and Jones (G) who have found the level of predicting in the 7th division a mite to tough.


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