Season 3 - Week 6

Some would say it was a difficult week for picking, some would say that any number of "banker" didn't come in, pointing to perhaps the Man U, Arsenal and Celtic games as evidence, some would say that I should be charitable give that it is the season of joy.

I say bugger off, you're all rubbish, if we let Tony win this thing, he will be gloaty and smug, and if you add that to the fact he's Northern, it would be unbearable.

A yawning chasm has opened up at the top, with Tony cantering into a £1.56 lead, on the back of Chelsea's scraped 3-2 win at Everton.  Jon Dunk, Thomas Jarrett and Matt Haywood keep up some degree of pressure and the 14 people in positive figures must all still fancy their chances.

At the other end, Ben Gould has now not picked a winner for 6 (six) weeks, he woefully underestimated Sheff Utd's dogged resiliance away at Wigan.

Pele League

4/10 - Poor, but the second best league performance this week!

Tony leads from the newly promoted Matt Haywood (a welcome addition to the top flight, he picks decent odds teams and shows some real ability), Timmy Lines is in the hunt and the David "Ratty" Lloyd is lurking ominously (as he often does).  C'mon Jimmy and Paul, if you get your act together you could relegate Nick Lines, as it is you lay £2.62 and £2.52 away from safety and your plight is rapidly worsening, long shots will soon be required.

Lineker League

2/10 - An embarassment of a league - only 1/10 in positive figures

Rob's return to top flight picking looks assured, not because he is particularly good (only 8th in the overall league), but because everyone else is unbelievably rubbish, Nick Kelly in second in the Lineker league is 19th overall!  Least said about Ben Gould the better.  The rest of the league just gets tighter and tighter as a mere £1.18 separates 2nd from 9th.  It's still anyone's game (apart from you Ben).

Dickov League

2/10 - Has obviously caught the incompetence bug from the Lineker league

Thomas Jarrett leads the way with solid intelligent picking, closely followed by Jon Dunk, back-to-back relegations have not fazed this chap as he looks to bounce back into the Lineker league.  It's a shame the same can't be said for Tim Hughes, who will surely have to run away and cry if he gets relegated 3 seasons on the bouce.  Gary Lewis and Darren Clare will be glancing nervously over their shoulders (their own not each others) as the business end of the season approaches, they are only £1.56 away from the drop zone.

Lee League

5/10 - It's nice to see the league respond to m criticism last week, only 5/10, but the best performance out of any league.

It's tough scrapping it out in the bottom league, so hail the new leader Sohail Virdi, an up and down season for Sohail looks like ending in style if only he can hold his form together for 3 more weeks.  Nathan went for an outrageous draw this week between Man City and Tottenham and was slightly unlucky not to pick up a win that would have put him top of the overall league.  Nice to see Trevor Gibbons respond to my personal criticism and climb back towards the promotion places and nearly back into positive figures.  As Matt Britcliffe climbs away from the bottom with the pick of the week (Bolton away), the future looks bleak for Mark Fowler and Ian Clifford.  Mark Fowler was slightly unlucky (Celtic conceding a late equaliser), but Ian Clifford was rubbish, his pick (Stoke) getting hammered by a rampany Colchester side.


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