Season 8 - Week 8


Nik Simms is apparently fallible, his first loss of the season drops him down to a mere £14.30, he is guaranteed a record season though (at a minimum £12.30) and looks set to win the overall title, despite the valiant attempts of Paul Shakespeare (+£8.65), surely though the gap of  £5.75 is too much to overcome.  Tim Hughes, despite his £11.00 starter, has dropped to third.

At the bottom, Simon Gurd has picked 0/8 and the reigning champion faces the possible indignity of going from first to last in one season... oh how the might have fallen.

The Pele League

Paul Shakespeare has broken Nick Kelly, after weeks of winners and inexorable pressure, the Kellmeister has cracked as Wigan failed to overcome the might(?) of Reading, Shakespeare's excellent spot of the Everton, Villa draw has given him a £2.45 lead and an excellent chance of the title.  Behind them, the also-rans of Clare, Cornwall, Lines (jr) and Noyce are already planning their summer holidays and will take no interest in either end of the table.

At the bottom there is a battle royale, with the previous royalty of the game (Messrs Ingham, Lewis, Rosser and Gurd have truly been legends of their time), fighting it out for the one remaining safe spot.  Ingham looks in pole position to survive, but with two weeks remaining, his £2.13 gap is fragile at best.  Simon Gurd has truly gone from the sublime to the ridiculous and now must balance the flickering chance of survivial and the accompanying big picks needed with the desire to avoid the perfect imperfect season and maybe pick a banker in the knowledge the Maradona league beckons regardless.

The Maradona League

What a crap league, the leader is in 9th overall and all but those in the promotion zone are in negative figures.  Smith leads the way and looks set fair to return to top flight picking, along with Gould and Gibbons, who have a reasonable margin of safety to 4th.  Probably one winner each would see them up.

Britcliffe and Drury (P) lead the chasing pack and will doubtless be looking for an away winner or draw in the last two weeks to ratchet up the pressure.

At the bottom, the previously inestimable Lloyd looks doomed, and with previous champion Pilkington also in deep trouble it looks like another high quality relegation quorum.  Gibbons sr will be seeking to catch Southworth (another founding member in trouble), and although a small win for Chadbourne has pulled him clear, he is far from out of the woods.

The Gary Lineker League

See above, crap league, only top three in positive figures, leader (Lines sr) can't even manage a top 10 in the overall league.

Wll you can only beat what is put in front of you, and that is what Lines, Bailey and Jones (Jake) are doing, it is worth noting that Jones in 3rd would be in the relegation zone in the supposedly inferior Lee League, he did however get the pick of the week (Scunthorpe away - along with Ross Jones - what did they know that we didn't?).

Behind them a solid home win from Rodgers keeps him in the hunt, along with Virdi and Finch.  In a surprisingly compact league, the bottom seven are all in relegation trouble, with Kinsella, Lowe and Holland currently occupying the relegation spots.

The Paul Dickov League

Stapleton is up up and away, dominating this league with some ease, and I will eat my hat if he fails to go up.  Behind him Booth also looks in good shape and one more winner should see him home.  Wickett, Reeve, Haywood and Fields are set to duke it out for the last spot.

Joel Wrigley is slightly adrift at the bottom, but with only 31p separating Willshire, Hanvey and Malone, the other relegation spots are far from secure, and potentially even Wickett in 3rd could be dragged in with a couple of losses.

The Jason Lee League

By a country mile the most impressive league performance of all time, with four people above £5 and 7 people guaranteed to end in positive figures, this league quite simply rocks.  Alrteady you need a minimum of £3.18 to get promoted and for the first time ever you could fail to win promotion with £5+

Despite a  mega £11.00 winner in week 1, Hughes has been hauled back and seems to have used up all his luck in week 1, jinxing every team he picks since (his only other win was an autopick!).  Callan, Roberts and Jones (R) have chipped away at his lead and one of these four will miss out, despite the fact they would all be leading the Maradone and Linkeker leagues by over £2.  Drury and Jones (Andrew) would be in the promotion zone in any other league, but here they have to settle for 5th and 6th and over £2.60 away from promotion!

In such a high quality league, Firth, Ingham and Jones (Ricky) chose a bad season to be off their game, and must harbour only lingering hopes of catching Jones (J).

Ali Dia League

Nik Simms does finally slip up, but he has done ample to ensure promotion and probably the overall league title.  Behind him Curphey is probably only a win from promotion, but must be fearful that the compactness of the league behind him will spur the chasing pack on.

With only 19p separating 3rd from 5th and Bradley and Brennan (thank god this commentary is only written for those who know my Jonathan Ross like speech impediment) also within shooting range.

Goga Nikuradze looks like his is Goga going gone at the bottom, with Lewis and Martins also showing relegation form.


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