Season 8 - Week 4

Nick Kelly is a God, a picking superstar, a huge gun, has won the Pele league so many times Deep Blue couldn't calculate how great he is..... okay now that I have massaged his ego to enough to stop him moaning at me on the forum I'll get on with the analysis.

Nik Simms continues to defy all odds and looks set to win the overall league and smash the record for best ever season.  He is currently at an awe-inspiring +£13.17 and has not made a single mistake this season.... to date.  Tim Hughes is in second, but sliding fast.  In third is the legendary picker that is Nick Kelly, aiming for his second title and looking to cement his place in hist..... okay is that enough now, I've feeling slightly nauseous.  Sneaking into 4th is Smith, who has the pick of the week (Newcastle away, romping to victory).

At the bottom is a pair of Lewii (Gary and David), Nikuradze and Gurd, who have yet to pick a winner.  In a beautifully symmetrical way 30 people are in positive figures, 30 people negative and 1 person breaking even!

Pele League

The (semi) big guns of Kelly and Noyce continue to pick winner after winner and this week qualify for a brackets around the semi.  Kelly is well clear at the top, but the relentless pressure being applied by Noyce and latterly Shakespeare (who has astounded his critics who made him pre-season favourite for relegation, by powering into second picking the Fulham v Derby draw) may eventually tell.

The bottom 5 are all big name players and relegation for any of them would be a shock, but given the form of the rest we may well lose three of them!  All picked losers again, meaning it remains as was, with Gurd and Lewis nailed to the bottom, but still within reach of Lines, Ingham and Rosser.

It is a measure of the confidence and technique of the bottom 5 that despite their woes none of them picked a home team (4 away and 1 draw), and I suspect they will continue to try to shoot their way out of trouble!

Maradona League

A cracker of a pick by Jimmy Smith catapults him into a £3+ lead and probably promotion, given the lack of quality in the league.  I hold on to second, despite Derby's equaliser depriving me of a winner.  Winners for Gould, Drury and Gibbons sr close the gap and they can now truly consider themselves in the promotion race.

The bottom five are separated by exactly £1, but with only Southworth finding a winner the others need to find winning ways rapidly.  Interestingly (bar Southworth) the bottom five picked away winners and draws like the bottom five in the top flight, sadly though for them, their pedigree is less defined than those in the top flight and their high aims may prove their downfall.

Lineker League

Lines leads the way with another sound pick, but it is by a considerable margin the worst leading performer, indeed in the Lee League he would barely scrape top half with £1.73.  As it is, it is enough to be leading the ragtag bunch of pickers in the Lineker League.  Interestingly if you combine the second names of Bailey, Dunk and Finch you get the word bunch, which is exactly what they form behind Lines.  In a well defined league, Rodgers is the only other promotion challenger.

At the bottom Kinsella, Lowe, Virdi, Holland and Jones (Jake) are also tightly bunched well adrift of the promotion battle, so 3/5 going up and 3/5 going down.... are you one of the 3?

Dickov League

8/10 winner this week, of note both of the top two picked good winners consolidating their promotion charges. Swansea and Rotherham coming good on their travels for Stapleton and Haywood.  Behind them 5 low priced bankers litter a competitive middle order, with Ian Booth best placed to secure the third promotion spot.

The gap to the bottom three is relatively narrow, but like in a marathon a small gap can rapidly become a yawning chasm and Hanvey, Malone and Wrigley need to work hard to get back on the back of the Petalon (mixing metaphors a little bit sure)

Lee League

Hughes continues to be dragged back, but surely his £6 lead will be enough, even given his infamous ineptitude.  Behind him Callan, Drury and Roberts are gathering like angry strormcloud, eager to rain on Hughes' parade.  Good winners for Callan and Ingham have closed the gap on Drury and Roberts who were doubtless hoping to bank pick it to promotion.  Callan in particular is unlucky not to be in the promotion zone on +£2.75.

Only three people are in negative figures and sure enough they find themselves in the relegation zone accordingly.  Jamie & Ricky Jones and Barry Firth need to find form in an ultra competitive league.

Ali Dia League

Nik Simms continues to dominate both this league and the overall league, and his +£13.17 set a new record for the highest score at any time of the season.  Behind Bradley demonstrates good form and looks the favourite for second place, with only Tustin (S) and Curphey above £1 behind him.

Tustin B, returns to break even, and is exactly half way up the overall league and this league!

A great winner for Ono, leaves Nikuradze and Lewis in deep mire at the bottom.


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