Season 7 - Week 8

Eight weeks in and it is hotting up, neither Pilkington nor Bailey could follow up on their monster picks from last week, allowing Gurd to regain top spot, albeit somewhat fortuis, fortuos, fortuotis?.. luckily as Portsmouth needed a penalty saved and a late goal to sneak past Preston. Richard Ingham regains 2nd with a Baggies away win, and Booth continues an impressive season by nailing the Ipswich win to take 3rd.

Lloyd remains rooted to the bottom of the overall league, failing once again in what has been a dismal season.

Pele League

Aggrieved, distraught, broken, just a few of the words that'd describe how I feel after picking a 2.20 shot, coming in eagerly on Monday, just to find I am even further adrift of safety! 9/10 winners (with only the inept Lloyd failing) has pulled the MRV (minimum relegation value) up to -.26p (if Noyce loses both his games that is as low as 7th can go! This represents a cracking performance from the Pele league, and one more winner from Rosser and Noyce would mean that positive figures are required to escape relegation. Compare this to the next highest MRV (-£2.14 in the Maradona league and you can understand my grievance!

Gurd heads the impressive league, with an impressive lead and an impressive score £2.58 clear of his rivals on a gargantuan £6.79. Tim Lines is still in the hunt with £4.21, but the rest are chasing European places. Gibbons and Drury still have faint hopes of escaping relegation, but Lloyd looks doomed and must be ruing not picking Barnsley!

Maradona League

Ingham and Clare are the standout performers and look assured of promotion, Clare's knowledge of the Scottish leagues continues to astound, as Alloa again come up trumps. A great win for Cornwall (the O's away at Luton) has sprung him past Smith and Southworth into the last promotion spot.

Wins for Gould & Holland has consigned Chadbourne to the first relegation spot and with Lines and Jake Jones winning as well, it is becoming frighteningly compacted at the bottom, with less than £2 covering the bottom six.

Lineker League

Despite his slip, Pilkington still looks assured for promotion, nearly £5 clear of 4th. Behind him winners for Dunk and Finch mean that they are in the drivers seat, with the promotion engine running. Britcliffe's loss is a hammer blow at a crucial time, but a winner for Gibbons has brought him back into the running.

As long as Virdi and Haywood avoid back-to-back losers (not so easy - Liverpool v Barnsley anyone?) then the bottom three of Wrigley, Rodgers and Malone will need something special to avoid the drop.

Dickov League

Matt Bailey remains second despite only one winner all season, but the eminently more consistent Lowe retakes top spot (with the same fortuout? lucky) away win that saw Gurd reclaim top spot in the overall league. Their £4+ seasons though are not guarantees of promotion (unlike some other poor leagues cough Lineker cough), both Willshire and Kinsella are within range hanging on for that one small error of judgement.

At the moment it looks like 3 from 4 at the bottom as Jones's (Andrew & Ross), Wickett and Hughes all lost again. Reeve and Hanvey are a little bit clear, but still need more winners to ensure safety.



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