Season 7 - Week 6


It's all change at the top.... at the same time it's all the same, although Simon Gurd and Nick Kelly have dropped to 4th and 6th respectively they are replaced by the ever familiar names of Richard Ingham and Tim Lines, both legends in the predicting game, but with the top 11 separated by a good week / bad week it is still all to play for.  Richard Ingham went top with a solid home win for Swansea, but Tim Lines' pick of the Birmingham Derby draw was the pick of the week and has rocketed him up the table.

At the bottom Joel Wrigley and Matt Bailey have yet to find a winner, despite 6 weeks of searching.... maybe some soul searching is required instead.

Pele League

Tim's top pick has catapulted him to the top, following slips from the top two.  A high quality top three have pulled away from the rest and Rob Noyce, like his beloved Liverpool, is a long-way back in fourth.  Oh for a rich oil baron to come and boost his season.  David Rosser's alarming slump continues unabated and the media hype following the Panaroma allegations seem to have shaken him to his predicting core.

Lewis showed analytical skills that Morse would have been proud of to spot Ipswich's first away win of the season, pulling him clear of the relegation zone.  Shakespeare has found his Juliet in the Spanish leagues, picking a draw in the Levante v Racing Santander game, to plunge the inept Gibbons jr into the relegation zone following his 3rd consecutive loser (jinxing the previously unstoppable Man U in the process).  Drury remains in trouble despite a winner, but at least he has pulled off the bottom, due to Lloyds continuing woes.

Maradona League

Ingham has pulled well clear at the top following Smith's first loser of the season, Clare remains in third following a null point week due to the poor weather north of the border.  It is then a long way down to Holland, Chadbourne and Southworth, straddling breakeven separated by 12p.

Lines sr is still flirting with back-to-back relegations a mere 37p clear of Cornwall.  Jake Jones and Ben Gould had an ideal opportunity to pull themselves back towards safety, with the teams above them losing but they blew it let down by their desires for a Villa and a Palace.

Lineker League

A rubbish league, with the leader only having £1.09, albeit with a 100% record.  Dunk is in second and must stand a good chance of promotion.  It was a bad week for the Gibbons family with Trevor backing the top team in Scotland, only to be cruelly denied a win that would have been enough to take him top.

Haywood and Virdi remain well placed in 4th and 5th but mere pennies from the promotion zone.

Martin Malone must be thankful for the fact that his picking colleagues are woeful, his -£2.56 would be in the relegation zone of any other league, but in this poor excuse for a picking league he still has a £1.44 cushion above the relegation zone.  For Rodger, Pilkington and Wrigley there is still hope, but they need to arrest their alarming form.

Dickov League

Only four winners this week, meaning that those that did win, had substantial gains on the rest.   Two such winners (Kinsella and Willshire) have consolidated well at the top, and just need to avoid an implotion to secure promotion.  Lowe remains in third despite his defeat, but Andrew Jones has closed the gap following his winner.

Same old, same old at the bottom, with Hughes and Bailey looking doomed, but the rest are all close enough the have hope and fear.

Lee League

A high quality promotion battle with the top 6 all above +£1, and the top 5 all winning to keep the pressure on.  The top four in particular all won with style (evens or better).

Lewis is over £1 adrift at the bottom, but Roberts and Hickey are within a £1 of safety and within £2 of 7th, meaning a tight battle at both ends of this bi-polar league.

Holdsworth League

Mention again to this league, that has now picked 16/18 in three consecutive weeks, with Ricky Jones showing particular class/


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