Season 3 - Week 5

It would appear that cream does indeed rise to the top, hjaving been away for two weeks imagine my surprise at finding three Pele league players at the top, Tony "It's my website I'm closing it down if you don't let me win" Southworth is winning at a canter having picked a big away win for Derby.  David's Lloyd and Pilkington follow, with Ben Gould propping us all up having managed to pick 0 (zero) winners to date, an impressive feat in itself.

Pele League

Potential Winnings: £8,852

Success: 5/10

The tightest and most impressive league to date, if they could only find some team form instead of individual flair we might find a winning bet.  Jimmy Smith props up the league and needs to find some form if he and Paul Drury aren't to be cast adrift.  As I found out to my cost last year Chrissy Cornwall is a hard man to beat and Nick Lines, the reigning champion will surely soon find some form.  Word up to David Pilkington who remains in the chase at the top, fine form for a newlyt promoted picker.

Lineker League

Potential Winnings: Peanuts (£1,160)

Success: 7/10

With only Rob in positive figures, this league is a positive embarassment, it is the worst performing and has the only 0/5 "competitor".  The only benefit is that it is completely tight with only £1.57 separating 2nd from 9th.

Dickov League

Potential Winnings: Monster (£22,412)

Success: 4/10

With the early pace setters dropping back (Rosser, Dunk and Simms) the league has tightened up considerably.  Thomas Jarrett has hit form to move into second and with Joel Wrigley finally getting some winners on the board (he now lies in second in the form table behind David Lloyd) and moving into postive figures, an impressive 6/10 are in the black for the season.   But what is that plaintiff cry from the office next door "A win a win my Kingdom for a win" - Tim Hughes is struggling at the bottom with Dean Lemm and needs to reverse his losing trend to catch Darren Clare and Gary Lewis to avoid a third consecutive relegation.

Lee League

Potential Winnings: £12,792

Success: 4/10

Nathan Choudhury leads the way everyone else is rubbish, yes that includes you Dad

Gibbo out


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