Season 7 - Week 5


With five people still with a 100% record, the mythical 100% 10/10 season is still on, for Gurd, Smith, Finch, Kinsella and Firth it is all too easy at the moment.  Gurd leads the way from Ingham & Kelly (who have picked a loser, but have tempered their losses with outrageous odds in their winners).  Smith and Kinsella, who have been slightly less bold with their picks, still remain within shooting distance of the title race.

At the other end there are three people who are challenging for the dubious honour of the first person to not pick a winner in a whole season, Bailey, Wrigley and Lewis (D), you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Pele League

Good God, Gurd is for once giving the Pele league something to be proud of.  Kelly is chasing hard and will still harbour hopes of a maiden Pele league title.  Following the Panorama documentary, Rosser has stopped fixing games (allegedly), and has dropped off accordingly.  Similarly Noyce has fallen away at this critical stage.

The Famous Five go Hunting.... for winners as the previously revered Lewis, Gibbons, Lloyd, Shakespeare and Drury find themselves embroiled in a relegation battle.

Maradona League

Ingham and Smith are destroying the competition with their relentless need for winners, Clare is gamely hanging on (with an impressive +£2.71), but the pace has proved too hot for the rest, who are now praying for the top three to pick the WP equivalent of Faustino Asprilla.

With Chadbourne, Holland, Jake Jones and Booth all winning, the bottom half of the league has closed up ominously for the triumverate of losers just above the relegation zone.  Holland's Barnsley away win was the pick of the week and he looks the favourite to escape he relegation zone.

Lineker League

With Gibbons jr struggling in the Pele league, there is every chance that Gibbons sr could well meet him in the middle in the Maradona league, leading as he is. (albeit in a low quality league).  With Finch and Dunk in the other promotion spots (but at less than £1) there is a chance for almost everyone to gain promotion..... I say almost everyone, Wrigley has yet to pick a winner and promotion is doubtless the last thing on his mind!

Dickov League

There is a bit of a gap opening at the top and the continued good form of Kinsella, Willshire and Lowe is only a couple of weeks away from having the league sewn up..... but also only a couple of losses away from being dragged back into mid-table......

Talking of mid-table we have a trio (Jones, Wickett, Hanvey) who are in that horrible position of not knowing whether to look up or down, marginally in positive figures but less than £2 clear of the relegation zone.....

Talking of the relegation zone Matt Bailey is now over £4 away from safety and looks destined for a fall, but Hughes (only £1.92 shy) and Jones (A) (40p) both  have a great chance and time enough to get clear of trouble, with Steve Reeve in the firing line.

Lee League

The top six all won, leaving this league the most open league in the competition with only £1.07 separating Fields in first and Firth in Sixth.  Ben Drury for once is outperforming his brother and drags himself back into positive figures, and remains an outsider for promotion.

Julia Ingham had the pick of the week for this league (Rotherham away) and has pulled away from a presumably enlargened relegation zone (Tony please confirm how many are going down) to accomodate the additional league opening up below.

Losers for Simms, Hickey, Roberts and Lewis cast doubt on their ability to remain in the league.

Holdsworth League

I don't normally comment on the holding league, but they have followed up their 6/6 league with a 5/6 league, it looks ominous for those in the Lee League with a fresh batch of fine young prospects looking to enter their league.


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