Season 7 - Week 3

******Breaking news at the Sky Sports centre******

Following a Panorama one-hour special into match fixing, the Weekend Predictor FA has launched an investigative panel, headed by Lord Stevens into allegations that David Rosser is fixing football matches for Weekend Predictor gain.  An unnamed source at the WPFA has said 'how else can he be so far clear in the all-time league?'  This has all come to a head following Jaskelainnen's horrendous blunder in the last minute against Blackburn, a result which has propelled David Rosser to the top of the overall league in season and into a £10.30 lead at the top of the all-time league.

The fall-out has already begun, with David Rosser now refusing to talk to the BBC, with his assistant Ray D Vosser now taking all press conferences and post-predicting interviews.  Now it is not within the remit of this reporter to speculate, but alternative reasons that have been suggested for his stupendous picking form are that he is a time-traveller from the future, or that he is actually 'Deep Blue' the chess playing super-computer, or indeed as Ray D Vosser himself muted, that he is just f***ing brilliant.


Spare a though for Rob Noyce, having a fine season, but in the shadow of the great picker, and ignored in the current controversy.  John Fields, Jonathan Dunk and Trevor Gibbons are all in-the mix, whilst at the other end there are still 7 people without a win this season.

The Pele League

For once the top league is providing pickers worth praising, with the top two in the overall league coming from the top flight.  David Rosser and Robert Noyce are again having fine seasons, proving time-after-time that this game is not about luck, but judgement and skill.

Nick Kelly and Simon Gurd have put themselves in contention with fine picks (Wigan and Everton respectively), Tim Lines and Matthew Gibbons are also in positive figures in a high quality league.

David Lloyd picks three losers on the bounce, and remains rooted to the bottom, above him Shaekspeare, Drury and Lewis are separated by only 28p, but are over £2 away from 6th, although there is a long way to go panic may already be setting in....

The Maradona League

Corwall and Smith (previous Pele league greats.... well Pele league pickers) head the way for a return to the top flight, marginally clear of Richard Ingham, indubitably the greatest picker outside the top flight.  Nick Lines & Tony Southworth (also previous Pele league pickers) have recovered from their blips and await the slightest slip.

With Gould and Holland winless, their stay in the second tier looks severely under threat, but with three down, Jake Jones and Paul Chadbourne are also facing uncertain futures.

The Gary Lineker League

Jon Dunk remains top, despite his failure (as predicted here last week), but Trevor Gibbons is going from strength to strength in second, finally finding his predicting feet.  Matt Haywood losing (following a crayzee bet on QPR) has opened up the promotion race with Finch and Malone now within a £1 of the third promotion spot.

Another league with two maximum losers (Wrigley and Pilkington), has the all-to-similar "never out of danger" feel, engendered by the three-up three-down rule.  Virdi, Britcliffe and Rodgers are those in imminent danger.

The Paul Dickov League

The normally strong 4th tier has gone, to coin a phrase, tits up, the top three all lost, allowing Paul Kinsella to sneak up to top spot (with an emphatic 6-0 win for Man U).  Jones (R), Lowe and Jones (A) will all harbour promotion hopes, but a blip can soon become a slide, and they may soon find themselves dragged into a relegation dogfight.... the dogs who are currently fighting range from Roy "snapper" Hanvey on -£0.19 to Matt "chomper" Bailey on -£3.  Tim Hughes and Andrew Wickett who have previously enjoyed succesful seasons currently find themselves at the wrong end of the table.

The Jason Lee League

John Fields opens up a substantial lead at the top (£2.09) and looks set for promotion, behind him Firth, Callan, Booth, Jones (J), Drury and Roberts are all separated by a measly 91p, in one of the tightest promotion battles ever.

At the bottom Daniel Lewis has nary a winner to his name, with Ingham, Hickey and Simms barely better, with six in the holding league, relegation looks a definite possibility.



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