Season 7 - Week 2

For the first time in in in.... well ever we are being led by the "utterly inept" Jonathan Dunk, who apparently has shed off his cloak of ineptitude and replaced it with a cloak of luck.... or maybe skill, but I'm betting he won't be there at the end of the season.  A scintillating 4.33 pick rewards him for following Ferguson Jrs progress in the lower leagues.  Rob Noyce is equally rewarded for his knowledge of La Liga aiii, with second place overall.  John Fields also saw the Posh win coming, and overcomes a loser in his first week for 4th overall.  Sandwiched in between the Peterborough and La Liga experts is Matt Haywood, bedding down after a good pick in week 1, although for a while his Cardiff banker looked shakey, as Chasetown took an early lead.

At the bottom 11 have yet to pick a winner, notable losers being David's Lloyd and Pilkington, the former a Pele league everpresent and the latter a winner of the overall league (many moons ago).

The Pele League

The Pele league proved that the 9/10 week last week was merely a bump on the road of incompetence, as 7/10 failed to pick a winner.  Rising from the ashes of embarassment are Rob "Mr Consistent" Noyce and David "Mr Incredible" Rosser, both luminaries of the top flight and mulit-award winning pickers, are already well clear at the top.  Simon "Mr I'm on holiday and keep autopicking" Gurd somewhat defaults into 3rd.

Let's all pause and consider David Lloyd's predicament in last, waits for fits of giggles to subside..... still waiting.... oh well I'll continue through the sniggers.  He's also gone on holiday and left me with the responsibility of picking for him, mwa ha ha ha, 20-1 outsiders anyone!

The Maradona League

Jimmy Smith is top, courtesy of the MK Dons away form, leading the way from Cornwall and Chadbourne, the only others in positive figures.  After a slow start to his predicing career, a slow middle and a disappointing beginning of the end, he has come back like Lazarus, and threatens a return to the shining beacon that is the top flight.

Nick Lines hovers perilously above the relegation zone, and must fear back-to-back relegations.  Jake Jones, backing the Gunners, escapes the 100% loser trap which still engulfs Ben Gould and previously promoted Holland/

The Gary Lineker League

This league is split asunder, with the top 6 picking 100% winners and the bottom four, not managing a win between them.  Atop the pile, and the overall league sits Jon Dunk, in fine fettle and fine form, may the good times keep on rolling (they won't though).  Matt Haywood's long-shot, short-shot strategy seems to be paying off, his reward being second.  Trevor Gibbons picks back-to-back winners, potentially for the first time ever, to stroll into 3rd and the final promotion spot.  Malone, Virdi and Finch lurk ominously awaiting a slip, zealously guarding their 100% records.

Wrigley, Britcliffe, Rodgers and Pilkington are the has-beens at the bottom, Pilkington showing that his knowledge of the Spanish leagues are as sparse as his knowledge of the English league (and as sparse as his hair)

The Paul Dickov League

Solid performances from Messrs Jones (R), Lowe, Kinsella and Jones (A) mean that the Dickov league currently looks like a four-way tussle for the top.  A notable away win for Lowe (Morecambe), closes the gap on Ross Jones, who did all of his hard work in the first week.  The bottom five remain the same, as poor picking seemed to be the order of the week.

The Jason Lee League

John Fields is miles clear at the top, following his 4.33 pick, and now needs to bed down to ensure promotion is his.  Mind you in this league where only 2 people out of 12 are in positive figures, it is quite possible he has already done enough.  Only Barry Firth with +£0.78 (and maybe Chris Roberts breaking even) can be happy with their performance to date.

The others seemed to find every cup upset that happened, Birmingham, Newcastle, Bolton et al, not proving their top flight superiority.  Sadly this league is proving it's bottom flight rights, and currently is the poorest performing league!



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