Season 7 - Week 1


A remarkable week for the top flight, with 9/10 picking winners, the sole loser being the Rat - David Lloyd.  The top flight also had the pick of the week, with Rob "I've got the longest winning streak" Noyce, picking the Man City v Liverpool draw.  Notable markers were also put down by Cornall and Haywood, both picking an away Cardiff win for a £2.10 gain. 

Perhaps the leagues are slowly levelling out the quality and the cream has risen to the top, as the top flight made a whopping (imaginary) £7.46, whereas the bottom league was the only league to lose overall (-£1.65), the only anomaly being the 4th flight, a historically high quality league, which again has started well, with only 2 losses in week 1.

The Pele League

Result: 9/10

Let's all laugh at Lloydy, Let's all laugh at Lloydy, La la la la, la la la la.

Yet again though the big guns occupy the top spots as the ever-familiar names of Noyce, Lines (jr), Kelly and Rosser continue to show their calibre.

The newly promoted (or re-promoted in Shakespeare's case) Lewis, Gurd and Shakespeare all went safe in Week 1, but were rewarded with winners.

The Maradona League

Result: 6/10

Cornwall and the redoubtable Ingham lead the way, and the relegated triumverate of Lines, Smith and Chadbourne all look to show bouncebackability with winners.  Sandwiched inbetween Ingham and Lines is Clare, looking for back-to-back promotions.

Sadly the same cannot be said for Jake Jones and Holland who have started the new campaign off with losses, and may face a rapid return to the third tier of predicting.... I guess it is early days, but it is always nice to start with a winner.

The Gary Lineker League

Result: 6/10

Haywood looks to keep his stay in the Lineker league as short as possible and leads from the newly promoted Malone and newly relegated Finch.

Pilkington, Wrigley, Rodgers and Britcliffe start poorly, meaning that Dunk's 12p profit is enough to see him in 6th!  The newly promoted Gibbons sr starts solidly and his dream of one day joining his son in the zenith of predicting may yet come to fruition.  The only person I haven't mentioned is Virdi.... so Hi Sohail.

The Paul Dickov League

Result: 8/10

In any other week of last season this would have been the best performing league, but for once they have to doff their caps, and tip their wings to the top flight.  Nonetheless impressive wins for Jones' (both Ross and Andrew) and Kinsella indicate that this league may well be as tight as ever.

Bailey and Willshire seem to have found the initial step up daunting and were the only two to pick losers this week, the Dickov stalwart Hughes' bid to escape the league may well come to pass this season, but for now he occupies a relegation spot, despite being in positive figures.  He can console himself that were he to end the season in positive figures he will doubtless be nearer the promotion zone.

The Jason Lee League

Result: 7/12

No big winners in the league, so the top is tight, the top half separated by a mere 26p.   Callan and Firth lead the way, with the lowest placed Jones in 3rd.  Ben Drury starts well, but after a disastrous season, the only was was surely up.

The league with the most losers, there are too many to mention Ingham, Fields, Lewis, Stapleton etc all start the season in the worst possible way.


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