Season 6 - Week 8


Three up, three down remember three up three down......

Right, three of the top four lost in the overall league, and with Lewis and Gurd slipping up Martin Malone has grasped top spot with an audacious pick of.... Chelsea at home.   Oh well it's enough to take the top spot I suppose.  Tim Lines rises to 4th following Britcliffe's inability to spot Middlesbrough's resurgence.

Tim's older, frecklier and apparently crapper brother Nick remains bottom, and seems destined for relegation from the Pele League.  With Jimmy Smith (also of the Pele League) third from bottom of the overall league, the remainder of the Pele League should be safe from relegation with only two going down..... doh.

Only 18/50 winners were picked this week, which either means there were a lot of shocks, or we're getting worse.... let's hope and pray for the former.

The Pele League

Potential winnings: £2497 each
Result: 4/10

Traditionally poor fare for the Pele League with only a 40% hit rate, but remarkably that makes them best performing league this week (their return being higher than the Dickov League).

David Rosser's miracle run to the top of the league ended as soon as he got there, allowing slow but steady Tim Lines to regain the league, (by betting against his home town team - booo).  With Rob Noyce enjoying another excellent season we look to have a three way tussle at the top  Will Rosser boss the league, does Noyce know best, will Lines rule?  Tune in next week to find out.

Ignoring the inconsequential Lloyd, Gibbons appears to have given himself a great chance of avoiding relegation, enjoying an Evertonian win for the second time in three games.  Paul Drury's 12p return gives him a slender £1.20 margin above the relegation zone, but perhaps more pertinently Nick Kelly's failure means that he also has a one man buffer as well, meaning two people need to pick winners to drag him in. 

Paul Chadbourne must be cursing the change to three up three down, as he is well clear of Smith and Lines, but the rules change has made this more exciting for the neutral and he must adapt and seek to chase down the eminently catchable Kelly & Chadbourne

The Maradona League

Potential winnings: £2736 each
Result: 3/10

The two leaders lose, but their huuuuuge gap over the rest mean they still seem certain for promotion.  Their focus must surely remain on the overall title.  The addition of a third promotion spot has opened up this league and although Ingham regains third (also backing Everton), Cornwall and Southworth remain in the hunt.

A winner for Pete Finch drags him clear of the relegation zone, following losses for Gould, Wrigley and Haywood, but he remains only 63p clear of Gould and can ill-afford to relax.  For those roulette fans. it was a week to bet on Red(ing) rather than Black(burn) as many fell into the trap of betting on Liverpool and Blackburn.

The Gary Lineker League

Potential winnings: £401 each
Result: 3/10

Okay let's review, your potential return was a meagre £401 each, so you bet safe.... and you still only got 3/10, Celtic let down Dunk and Liverpool, Arsenal, Man City and Blackburn were the luminaries to let down some others.  It was not the week to bet on the big guns.... apart from Man U & Chelsea that is.  James Holland bet on the former and now looks a shoe-in to gain promotion, a whopping £3.90 clear of 4th.  The myriad of losers helped keep Jake Jones and Darren Clare in the other promotion spots, as Pilkington, Rodger and the lesser pointed Jones all failed.

Sohail's 53p was the highest return of the week in this league and was enough to get him clear of relegation.... at least for this week.  Andrew Wickett is slowly clawing his way back towards safety, with low priced winners, whereas Steve Reeve is rapidly going the other way.

The Paul Dickov League

Potential winnings: £109 each
Result: 4/10

Martin Malone is free to concentrate on the overall title as he is now acres (£4.35) clear of 4th, the same cannot be said for Britcliffe, who backed the hapless Gunners.  Gibbons and Kinsella are gathering behind him, and a winner is a prerequisite for next week.  The much maligned Gibbons Sr is in third spot and looks set for a surprise promotion.  Hughes and Simms will feel that promotion is still up for grabs despite losses, both received a hammer blow being denied by Hamilton and West Ham respectively.

John Fields is night on £5 from safety and must now start to plan for a season in the Lee league, Hickey and Lowe though must still believe and despite a cracking winner (actually the best of the week) for Andrew Jones, he remains close enough to feel their breath down his neck.  Someone might be getting some mints for Xmas.

The Jason Lee League

Potential winnings: £2540 each
Result: 4/10 (2 postponed)

Matt Bailey is probably the only one able to hold his head high, in a poor performing league, although not yet clear enough to be guaranteed promotion, one winner out of two should surely take him home.  Hanvey and Willshire are the only others in positive figures and thus occupy 2nd and 3rd, but with Willshire in 3rd only on £0.10, everyone down to 10th must still feel "in with a chance".  It must be said though that of those from 4th-12th only Jamie Jones picked a winner and although two games were postponed, on current form that was probably £1 saved!

Drury and Booth look doomed, and quite frankly have been crap all season, good riddance to bad rubbish, whatever the league below the Lee League becomes, they can have you!


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