Season 6 - Week 7


Different week, same old names at the top of the overall league, Gary Lewis continues to lead the way, and three more 1.90 picks will surely be enough for the title.  A good win for Martin Malone sneaks him into second and three more 2.25 picks will surely be enough for the title.  Simon Gurd and Matt Britcliffe also picked winners and now occupy 3rd and 4th, and they'll surely be thinking that three more winners will be..... okay you get they picture - at this point of the season a losing pick is disastrous and finding the balance between a reasonable price winner and losing gamble is the mark of a true champion. 

A note of caution though for the top 4, David Rosser is hitting form ominously, and after three losers in the first three weeks he has picked up £6.50 in the last four weeks and still remains in contention to be the first ever player to win the title twice.

Nick Lines is bottom of the overall league, following David Pilkington's remarkable 6.00 pick.  Nick needs a stick in a sick pick, and quick.

The Pele League

Potential winnings: £2074 each
Result: 5/10

David Rosser is a t..... terrific spotter of long shots - he built a £10+ profit last season and has moved from bottom to top of the Pele league in a mere 4 weeks.  His backing of Burnley away at Charlton was as brilliant as it was bizarre, quite how he saw that coming I don't know, I can only imagine some form of black magic.  Tim Lines remains within spitting distance (not that he ever would of course), but he has ceded the advantage following Wigan's failure to beat Man City.

Rob Noyce and David Lloyd are perched together awaiting a slip from either of the top two, neither feeling the need to take a chance... yet.

Smith and Lines remain in deep relegation strife, particularly following Kelly's big winner (another player to turn around a poor start).  But Kelly, Gibbons, Chadbourne & Drury still remain within reach and Lines and Smith will still hold out hope for an escape.

The Maradona League

Potential winnings: £646 each
Result: 4/10

Two more winners for Gurd and Lewis are effectively the stitches that have sewn this league up, these two are so far clear that only the most unlikely of collapses will see them fail to gain promotion.  Must be pretty dull for Cornwall, Ingham and Southworth clear of relegation but out of the promotion race - might as well find something else to do for the next three weeks...

A mere two pounds separate 6th from 10th as the relegation battle hots up and with no winners between the five of them, form is not a factor, oh for a 1.20 banker....

The Gary Lineker League

Potential winnings: £1020 each
Result: 5/10

Just 3 weeks ago Jake and Ross Jones were separated by the width (and price) of a cigarette paper, how times have changed, Jake Jones has thrived under the pressure and now heads the league, whereas Ross Jones has crumbled like the England middle order and resides in a desultory 6th.  James Holland appears to have changed his tactics and success rate and now contines to look set for a long-overdue promotion.  Darren Clare remains in the hunt.

David Pilkington flies off the bottom, betting against the league leaders, at home..... I'm not sure that this type of bet deserves congratulations, but fair play, it is one way to get back into positive figures!  It was (just) the pick of the week.

Losses for Dunk and Virdi ensure they're end of season will be fraught with relegation fears, what the -1.00 does not reflect is the differing strategies the two employed, Dunk went for a 6.50 and Virdi a 1.44 - you're still both losers though!

Wickett loses again and relegation looks a foregone conclusion, Reeve picks a winner and closes the gap thanks the incompetence of the aforementioned failures.

The Paul Dickov League

Potential winnings: £403 each
Result: 8/10

8/10 represents a remarkable achievement in the current climate of 5/10 mediocrity, and the two losses were unlucky... well Andrew Jones' Reading pick was at least.

The top 6 are all in positive figures and should be congratulated... but sadly for those in 3rd to 6th this is the only reward they are likely to receive this year, as the top 2 are miles clear.  More winners for the M&M collection at the top leave them set for end of season glory.

With Fields in a whole world of trouble at the bottom it looks likely that Hickey and Jones will have to battle it out for safety, although Craig Lowe remains in danger in 7th.

The Jason Lee League

Potential winnings: £41666 each
Result: 2/12

10 losers - what's that about?  Previous relegation favourites Julia Ingham and Chris Roberts have been allowed an unchecked charge up the league, following two poor weeks for the Lee League.  In what can only be described as a "how not to win" guide the other bets range from the stupid (West Ham) to the ridiculous (Tottenham).  Bailey and Hanvey remain in the promotion spots, but at a derisory £1.35 & £0.67 respectively.  Pathetic.


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