Season 6 - Week 5


Gary Lewis is a God, Nick Kelly is crap and I lost again...... (sound of Gibbons jr leaving building)

(Sound of Gibbons jr being dragged back in building, slapped round the face, and roundly chastised for being so childish as to not want to write analysis when he loses)...... hello people Gary Lewis is following up his £5+ season last year with another stormer, at £6.28 he is nigh on £2 clear of Simon Gurd in second and his pick of Northern Ireland was both obvious (in retrospect) and inspired.  His pick would have been the pick of the week, were it not for Nik Simms who ended his losing streak with the sensational backing of Israel, and a massive 6.00 he has soared clear of the relegation zone and is only one more monster pick away from the upper echelons. 

There are no people on 100% winning streaks anymore, and only one on 0%, but don't worry Nick Kelly I won't rub it in, loser.

The Pele League

Potential winnings: £423 each
Result: 3/10

I love being in the Pele league, I'm rubbish this year and I'm still in 6th!  Tim Lines loses and drops back within Rob (13/14) Noyce's grasp.  David Rosser has recovered admirably from a poor start to..... get back to where he started, which is good enough for 3rd.

The Nicks (Lines and Kelly) could get nix from this season if they continue backing losers, remarkably France couldn't beat Morocco, consigning Nick Lines to his worst ever position.  Nick Kelly bet on the Scots which was..... well stupid wasn't it?

The Maradona League

Potential winnings: £2410 each
Result: 6/10

The top two in the overall league and 3 out of the top 5 makes this the stellar league of this season.  Chris Cornwall in 3rd with £3.30 would be leading all but one other league this season and must consider himself to be in the same league as the illustrious Lewis and Gurd, who both seem to enjoy the international fixtures.  Ingham has dropped away (albeit unluckily following a late winner for Israel).

The bottom six are separated by only 90p and it was a bad week for Wrigley and Haywood to slip up.  Shakey's 1p gain could make all the difference in week 10, although more probably his avoidance of a £1 loss is more significant.  A nice win for Pete Finch inches him away from trouble.

The Gary Lineker League

Potential winnings: £1141 each
Result: 6/10

A tripartate league with the "contenders" being Clare, Holland, Jones and Jones (the latter two still locked in an epic battle).  Clare consolidates his lead with a solid home win, whereas Holland chose the rampaging MK Dons to gain ground.  Is this the season that Holland shakes of the shackles and finally performs to his true potential?  Both Jones went safe, although Ross slightly less so, to gain a 13p lead over Jake.

In the middle we have the "inconsequentials" as Rodgers an Virdi cannot make their minds up whether to be in the chasing pack of the relegation dogfight.

At the bottoms we have the "bad players" (catchy huh), Wickett gains the most irrelevant of wins, but at least he gains ground on the increasingly inept Pilkington (Luton, really?) and the plunging Dunk and Reeve.

The Paul Dickov League

Potential winnings: £796 each
Result: 6/10

Malone continues to lead the charge with a solid home banker, although this caution has allowed the slightly more adventurous Kinsella (Italy saving him late) and Britcliffe (the Dons again) to close the gap.  This looks like a thriller.... but will their party be crashed by Simms. his three legged donkey came in this week and his prediliction for 5&6-1 shots means that one more winner could catapult him to the top.  Mind you trying to find winners in the 5-6 range is hopeful at best.

John Fields is now adrift at the bottom, following Hickey's slender win.  That 1p gained (or again £1 not lost) was enough to drag Gibbons, Jones and Lowe back into trouble, who all lost despite all picking odds of less than 2.00

The Jason Lee League

Potential winnings: £1558 each
Result: 6/12

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny tiny winners for Hanvey and Bailey were enough to secure the promotion spots following Firth's failure.  Sadly Stapleton's success was not enough to gain him a spot in the top two, but his impressive knowledge of Rotherham's return to form was.... impressive.  Dire Drury does little to dispel doubts over his desire to dwell in the division, despite picking a 1.28 shot!  Indeed Ingham is also inept (the O's letting her down), sparing Booth a relegation spot.

Overall a lot of bankers, went bankrupt and a lot of last minute goals did for those who picked the Israel or Italy draw, oh well such is the life of a predictor.... in case you care, my 2.10 favourite lost 3-0!  Gah.



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