Season 6 - Week 4


Tim Lines streaks...... into a lead at the top of the Pele League and the overall league.  The only person left with a 100% record (well a 100% win record that is, we'll come to the losers later), his backing of the resurgent Owls was wise.  Gary Lewis backed the other half of Sheffield and was rewarded with the pick of the week and second in the overall league.  Martin Malone consolidated with a Liverpool win, whereas erstwhile leader Roy Hanvey couldn't have been much more wrong as his draw prediction for Derby ended in a 5-0 thumping.... well I suppose he could have backed Bristol City.

At the other end we have three people without a win.  Nik Simms is not surprising (sorry Nik), after a good start to his predicting career Nik has been on a downward spiral ever since, culminating in the debacle that was worst season ever last year.  To a large degree Andrew Wickett's is not a great surprise either, as his strategy of long-shot glory is bound to go through.... sticky patchs.  The shock is the reigning Pele champion who prior to this season was leading the all-time league as well.  Maybe the Special One has lost his touch, maybe he has lost his dressing room, maybe he is just being unlucky (it was a late goal in the Birmingham derby), but it is looking stark for Kelly's heroes.

The Pele League

Potential winnings: £893 each
Result: 4/10

You know what 4/10 actually represents a good week for this league!  Only Tim "now better than brother" Lines and Rob "it was just a blip 12/13" Noyce are looking vaguely competent.  Wins for David Lloyd and David Rosser move them up substantially (and in the latters case away from the bottom and a first win in top flight predicting).

Talking of the bottom, Nick Kelly sits bottom with 0/4, but within shooting distance is Paul Chadbourne and surprisingly Nick "I was once good" Lines, both of whom managed to jinx the overwhelming favourites (St Johnstone and Notts Forest).  There is a long way to go and Gibbons is looking down rather than up in 4th.

The Maradona League

Potential winnings: £1785 each
Result: 4/10

A league of two halves (well it's a 40:60 split but who's counting).  The top 4 have opened up a £2.35 gap over the rest with Gary Lewis leading the leading the way following slip ups from the top two (Gurd and Ingham).  Chris Cornwall, having batted his eyelids and grinned coquettishly a relegation is finding his feet and he clearly not only knows who Accrington Stanley are, but also their ability when pitted against the not so might Huddersfield.

The bottom six can all consider themselves in relegation danger, particularly as there are no universal losers in this league, following Matt Haywood's brilliant Torquay pick.  Losses for Shakey, Southworth and Finch leave them most at peril.  Particularly disappointing is the rapid decline of the once great (well at least mediocre) Southworth.

The Gary Lineker League

Potential winnings: £2567 each
Result: 5/10

In a kingdom of poor pickers, the mediocre picker is king, and Darren Clare sits atop a league of ineptitude.  2nd to 5th is separated by a mere 66p, making this one of the tighter leagues, but Rodgers in second has a relatively poor return of +£0.86 (good for only 5th in the Maradona league).  Dunk's equally brilliant Torquay pick has guided him out of the bottom two depositing the hapless Pilkington and Wickett into relegation mire.

The most interesting battle may well be for the highest rank Jones, with Jake and Ross separated by a sixpence.  Is their rivalry going to distract them from the main goal or spur them on to better things, only time will tell.

The Paul Dickov League

Potential winnings: £4532 each
Result: 5/10

Malone and Kinsella (rescued by a late Agbonlahor goal) dominate this leage, following Gibbons & Britcliffe's losses.  Good wins for Jones, Lowe and Hughes consolidates the chasing pack and leaves Hickey, Fields and Simms well of the pace.

This wasn't a week for bankers as both Leeds and Carlisle let down Gibbons and Fields respectively.  In fact 4/5 that did come in were priced above 2..... food for thought.

The Jason Lee League

Potential winnings: £27000 each
Result: 4/12

Hanvey leads, despite his loss, narrowly followed by Barry Firth, with Bailey and Willshire still in the mix.  The bottom 5 are separated by £1.05, and despite good wins for Ingham and Roberts they remain in trouble.  Ben Drury props up the whole competition.

Again the four winner that came in were above 2..... a trend?  No it was just that 11/12 picks were 2.00 or above.  This league does not know the meaning of the word playing it safe!


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