Season 6 - Week 3


There are two 100% clubs in Weekend Predictor, the 100% winners and the 100% losers and sadly the former is far more sparsely populated than the latter.  So whilst it is three cheers and three wins for Tim Lines, Trevor Gibbons and Roy Hanvey, it is a chorus of boos and a triumverate of failures for (takes a deep breath) Nick Kelly, David Rosser, Matt Haywood, Andrew Wickett, Jon Dunk, Nik Simms, Julia Ingham and Chris Roberts.  No-one has ever managed a 10/10 or indeed a 0/10 season... we are watching.

Roy Hanvey leads the way in the overall league, but is a mere 7p ahead of Simon Gurd.  Richard Ingham and Tim Lines lead the chasing pack.  Just under half of us are in positive figures (25/52) and probably anyone could still make a bit for the title at this early stage.  Rob Noyce sadly lost his unbeaten record, but his consecutive win record of 11 on the bounce will take some beating.

For once this was a weeker for bankers (+28p) and long-shots (+20p), the safe category (1.61-2.20) falling into disrepute (-48p), whereas the medium risk strategy (2.21-3.00) was a disaster zone this week with only 6% of bets coming in and a massive 85p per bet lost on average.

The Pele League

Potential winnings: £1278 each
Result: 3/10

What is wrong with the Pele league?  It is a graveyard for top predictors with the two foremost pickers of last year (record holder and reigning champion) still yet to pick a winner.  It is also worth noting that the Man U of previous seasons (Nick Lines) is plummeting perilously towards relegation.  The fine form of Jimmy Smith and David Lloyd is also evaporating rapidly, leaving a resolute Tim Lines to lead the way, 100% ahead of his nearest rival (a resurgent Paul Drury).  In a poor league positive figures is enough for 4th. 

We hope and pray for better things.

The Maradona League

Potential winnings: £1683 each
Result: 4/10

A league that is only performing marginally better than the Pele league is being lit up by virtuoso performances from Simon (I'm so) Gurd and Richard (Get) In-gham.  Gary Lewis and Chris Cornwall fall away following losses, and although both their picks (Newcastle and Tottnham) were understandable, the Toon and Spurs are unpredictable at best and should normally be avoided.

Matt Haywood is £1.50 adrift of Pete Finch at the bottom, with Tony (who's having sleepless nights between Shakey and Wrigley) not far ahead.

The Gary Lineker League

Potential winnings: £2623 each
Result: 2/10

Seriously 2/10, that's the worst performance in living memory.  The top six all lost, allowing Sohail Virdi to pull himself back into contention.  David Pilkington eases away from the relegation zone.  It is worth noting that the six away wins chosen all failed to come in.

Darren Clare and Ross Jones still lead the way despite the losses and this could prove to be an exciting (if inept) league.

The Paul Dickov League

Potential winnings: £695 each
Result: 5/10

Not often that 5/10 is the standout league performance, but a hearty round of applause for the Dickov league for their standout mediocrity.  Malone, Gibbons sr and Britcliffe look set for a ding-dong battle at the top, separated as they are by only 13 shillings.

At the bottom Nik Simms is 12 groats behind the rest, as he continues to back the wrong horse, although Blackbeauty I mean burn did look tasty at 3.00 to whip Liverpool.  Tim Hughes moves out of the relegation zone with a win, depositing Fields into the mire.

The Jason Lee League

Potential winnings: £17892 each
Result: 4/12

Hanvey is showing us all the way with two solid picks followed by a cracking draw prediction.  Willshire and Lewis fail but maintain a good position just behind Hanvey.  Winners for Callan and Firth will have them looking up rather than down in week 4.  Ben Drury now sits 48 places below his brother just above the relegation zone, inhabited by Julia & Roberts who have yet to pick a winner.  Bailey, Jones, Stapleton and Booth are barely worth mentioning, mid-table as they are, so I won't....



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