Season 6 - Week 2


As is often the way at this stage of the season, we are being led by a new kid on the block, it remains to be seen however whether (as in previous seasons) the current leader gets overconfident and falls rapidly away, soon forgotten.  But at the moment Dave Willshire is top of the pile, following a spectacular away pick of Blackburn to beat Tottenham, bravo.

The juggernaut that is Rob Noyce continues to plough through the record books, with an awe-inspiring 11th consecutive winner...... talking of 11, there are 11 people who have yet to pick a winner, of note is David Rosser who, after a record breaking season, is finding life in the top flight fraught with danger.

I thought I rework the stats of last week (which was a universally successful week) again, in what has been a poor week (with only 22/52 winning)

Intriguingly the same category (1.61-2.20) was the most succesful (+10p return per bet) , followed by the 3+ category (+8p) with 2.21-3 (-27p) and 1-1.6 (-31p).  So again it looks like going for the favourites (but not overwhelming favourites) is the best strategy (although not for me bah)

The Pele League

Potential winnings: £2387 each
Result: 3/10

Lines jr, Drury and Noyce open up a bit of a gap as everyone else failed miserably.  Again the Pele league appears to be the graveyard for predicting.  Maybe it is the psychological relaxation as you hit the top flight, or maybe the pressure tells, but the Pele league regularly underperforms.  Nick Kelly (reigning champion) and David Rosser (record breaker) have yet to record a win and the previous winners of Lines sr and Gibbons also find themselves in negative figures.

The Maradona League

Potential winnings: £2456 each
Result: 4/10

Again a disappointing league performance allows Lewis (aiming for back-to-back promotions) and Cornwall (aiming for a return to top-flight predicting) to achieve promotion spots with relatively low returns.  Ingham's long-shot strategy hits this week and his high risk strategy always keeps the pressure on at the top, as he can scythe through a lead in an instant.

A plethora of win one lose one (guess one, autopick one na na na) types are in a pack in the middle, sitting atop the hapless Matt Haywood, the only 100% failure in the league.

The Gary Lineker League

Potential winnings: £3880 each
Result: 5/10

Darren Clare and Ross Jones have had formidable starts to the season, the former dragging himself back into positive figures in the all-time league (and hitting form ominously) and the latter now second to only Richard Ingham in the all-time league.  These two powerhouses will be hard to stop.  Jake Jones and Stephen Rodgers maintain their 100% records and lie in wait, eager to pounce on any slip from the top two.

Wickett and Pilkington, both traditionally purveyors of the riskier picks, have yet to hit their strides this season and perch delicately on the desperately poor Dunk, who seems to have inexplicably lost his way (the irony being is that he could bet against his team Tottenham on a weekly basis and no doubt be in the Pele league by now....)

The Paul Dickov League

Potential winnings: £11587 each
Result: 4/10

From banker to long-shot, Matt Britcliffe has gone from a 1.22 pick in week one to a 3.6 pick in week 2.... it worked and he now sits a whopping £1.35 clear of.... rechecks league..... Trevor Gibbons in second place.  A 100% record for Gibbons sr who is, for once, schooling his son in the art of picking.  With nary another able to pick two winners, the pack is gathering behind Gibbons, only Hughes and Simms adrift in a sea of patheticness lag behind.

The Jason Lee League

Potential winnings: £14787 each
Result: 6/12

Dave Willshire leads the way with an impressive £3.26, hotly pursued by Daniel Lewis, who has picked identical prices (2.2) both weeks, admirable strategy, as the earlier statistical analysis demonstrates.... and his second place of course.  A duality of winners for Bailey and Hanvey keeps them in the hunt, and the mirth that Firth caused when  picking Luton to win a game has dissipated as the winner was enough to carry Barry into 5th.  Erstwhile leader Stapleton soon learns that it is tough at the top as his success (or lack thereof) drops him to 6th.

The bottom two, Ingham (Julia) Roberts (Chris), have failed to pick a winner between them and need to turn things around in a big league.


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