The same ole story at white hart lane - Week 9

Spurs recently the bridesmaid never the bride go to west Ham on Friday with most people thinking 2 or 3 nil. And what happens they lose 1-0 and play like donkeys on Yarmouth beach. So Chelsea will sew it up next weekend. The Championship title eventually, thanks to Jack Grealish ,went to Newcastle. And the Venkys took Blackburn down into the depths of league One. The first premier league winning team to ever be relegated to the third tier.


In our leagues.



Four winners here.Chris Cann gets a little closer to the top with PSG win @0.11. I did say a little closer! Phillip Hocknell had the best result with 1.50 For Redknapps Birmingham win.James Holland won with Colchester @0.62 and Tony Southworth got 57p for 'the steph'

Still a chance for a big winner to take the top spot in the last week.



Three wins here. Matthew Gibbons is forever blowing bubbles with a large winner of West Ham at home to Spurs @7.00. His only win of the season takes him to mid table safety. At the top Bob Paton won again with Celtic @0.22 and I won to go third with a late arsenal pick @1.00.



Four winners here also. Trevor Gibbons is 2nd with Birminghams win @1.50 . Nick Lines wins with Real Madrid away @0.22And Chris Blackley gives himself a chance of survival in the final week with an arsenal win @1.00. Craig Lowe also gets 1.00 for Newport county's survival win.



Just two wins here Patrizio goes top with a bella pick of Lazio at home @0.22 and steph cook gets 'the steph' @0.57. They are top two but its anybodies with a decent win next week.



PATRICIA took her chance with a capital pick of Birmingham @1.50 again close all round.



Two small wins here Nigel Howlett gets PSG for 0.11 and stays second under him Steve Tester got Man city's demolition of Palace @0.25


Pineapple Lee

This how to do it. Gareth Hedges shares pick of the week with west Ham @7.00 and goes from mediocre to top by as distance. WART also put some cream on with Nottingham Forest @0.57 they are clear of the others by some way.


One week to go guys. Get your pins polished up and go for it. A big win could change it all round, you have teams with not a lot to play for and teams at the bottom who will be tryng harder than ever ...just got to find the right one.




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